Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just In Time by Rosalind James

Every year Brenda Novak puts together boxed sets of books to raise money for Diabetes Research. I haven't read the whole set yet, but I did get a chance to read an advance copy of Rosalind James' submission - Just In Time.

Just In Time by Rosalind James

5 Stars – Copy provided by Author in exchange for review

I have to confess that I am a huge Rosalind James fan and have been ever since I discovered the Escape to New Zealand series a couple of years ago. The wonderful storytelling that I have enjoyed in her other books is in full force in this, the 8th installment of the series. Just In Time features Will, our rugby playing All Black hero, and Faith, a super hard working photographers assistant/author. The rugby world actually takes a pretty big back seat in this book and Will and Faith have a different journey than James has taken us on before. This is definitely a friends to lover’s story and an emotional one too. From an emotional stand point, I think this might be the strongest entry in the Escape to New Zealand series. All of the Escape books are interconnected, but most of the work as stand-alone novels and this is definitely true of Just In Time. Reading the previous books is helpful, but not at all necessary.

The Sweet Talk Box Set is only available for a limited time and can be purchased  on Amazon.
You can connect with Rosalind through her website or facebook.

Rosalind has been a very busy lady this spring. She has also published a Love Down Under box set and her Romantic Suspense book, Carry Me Home will be coming out in June. We will be talking about these soon! Happy Reading!

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