Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll by Sawyer Bennett ~ New Release and Review

From NYT Bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, comes a SEXY new stand alone romance…

When you’re a rock god, fame and fortune are your two best friends, but they can be fickle bitches. Everyone wants a piece of me and I have no clue how to deal with it all. I’m being sued, pressured to sign contracts, and fending off rabid women who want to steal my virtue.

Well, not that I really have any virtue, but still… my life has turned completely bat-shit crazy.

That’s why I need Emma Peterson. She got me out of a bit of a jam once, and I know she can do it again. The only problem is that sweet, prim and totally straight-laced Emma doesn’t want anything to do with me. Not professionally, and certainly not personally.

It’s not that I want her in that way. Let’s be realistic… it would take a crow bar of epic proportions to get her to spread those legs for me.

No, I only want her legal expertise and for her to make sense of my crazy world. It’s a good thing I have just the leverage to make her do my bidding, because her refusal is not an option.

 *Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll is a hot, romantic comedy stand alone.

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Elizabeth's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll is not your typical Rock Star romance nor is it a typical legal romance, but it is a fantastic blend of both. Ms. Bennett brings us back to the world of Knight & Payne and introduces to Midge's nephew, Evan, and young attorney, Emma.

I loved both Evan and Emma and their dynamic. Evan is an interesting mix of down to Earth guy and rock star and Emma is a sweet/studious young woman who reluctantly blossoms under his attentions. I appreciated the fact that the drama and conflict between Emma and Evan was really external, but also based on the innocence and naivete that they both still embraced.

This is a classic Sawyer Bennett book in that's incredibly fun and well written and it reinforces her position on my must read list.

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