Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One to Chase by Tia Louise

Paris fashions,
Chicago nightlife,
Secrets and lies...
Welcome to the North Side.

Marcus Merritt doesn't chase women. He doesn't have to. But when the spirited and sexy blonde who left him wanting more shows up in his office looking for work, little things like the rules seem ready to be rewritten.

 Amy Knight is smart, ambitious, and back home in Chicago to care for her mother. A courtesy meeting with one of the top lawyers in the city should be a boost to her career...

Until the polished green-eyed player turns out to be the same irresistible “random” she hooked up with at a friend's wedding in Wilmington. Bonus: He's the brother of her older brother's new wife. What the hell?!

Who's chasing whom? It all depends on the day. Or the night.

Contemporary/Erotic Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review copy received as a gift

I really debated how to rate this book. It was better than an "Average - 3 star" read, but I wasn't sure it made it all the way to 3.5 stars, so I gave it the bump up.
I enjoyed Marcus' and Amy's story. I liked both characters and appreciated the fact that neither was looking for a relationship when they stumbled into each other's lives. Past mysteries and histories create an element of intrigue that also runs through the story.
The story is well written and the sexual chemistry between Marcus and Amy jumps off the page. An entertaining supporting cast adds fantastic flavor.
I struggled a little bit with the relationship part of Marcus and Amy together. There were several moments where we saw them together outside the bedroom, but a lot of those moments had an almost antagonistic feel to them as Amy dealt with her demons. My other complaint was that some things just seemed too drawn out.
Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable book that just makes me more curious about the other books in the series.

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