Monday, April 3, 2017

Vacation Reviews

We were traveling for the most of the last 10 days. It was a wonderful trip, but 4 DAYS in the car meant lots of reading.... So, here I am playing catch up on reviews :)

Forever Mine (Opposites Attract, #2)Forever Mine by Erin Nicholas

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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This definitely qualifies as a cute "opposites" story as Maya and Alex are not too people that you would automatically put together.
He's a very careful, deliberate doctor who likes things to all go in their box and she's all in with everything she does.
I liked Maya and Alex together, but wish there had been more relationship development. The story seemed to focus on Alex's conflict and we missed some of the blossoming affection between our two main characters.
As the second book in the series, Forever Mine also relies heavily on the back story laid in book one. While I think it could be read as a standalone, it works better when read in order.


Crazy for You (Risking It All, #2)Crazy for You by Rachel Lacey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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I think I have found a new one click author!
This was a fun friends to lovers story that has a couple of strong sub plots focusing on how dreams change and how family is what we make it.
When a dare pushes Emma to finally flirt with Ryan, it starts a wild ride for both of them. I enjoyed these two together and loved how their friends could see how right they were for each other even when they couldn't.
This is a well written stand alone that is 2nd in a series, but stands independently. I am definitely curious to go back and read book 1!


BossedBossed by Sloane Howell

3.25 stars

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This was more than an average read, but not all the way to a 3.5 star for me.
I enjoyed Jenny, Ethan, and their interaction/chemistry. They both even had decent character evolutions given the somewhat limited character development.
Bossed was not a long book and I felt like the character development was good for the length of the story, but I kept looking for a little bit more. It was interesting to read a male POV actually written by a man. This was my first read by Mr. Howell and it won't be the last - this left me curious about his work.


Somebody's Baby (Darling, VT #3)Somebody's Baby by Donna Alward - Coming Soon!

3.5 sweet stars

Review Copy Provided by publisher via Net Galley

We watch Rory Gallagher's brothers fall in love in the first 2 Darling, VT books - now it's his turn.
Rory and Oaklee have known each other forever, her older brother is his childhood best friend. They both had their hearts broken by previous relationships, so their story is one primarily of learning to trust and open up again.
Rory and Oaklee are characters that we've gotten to know a little bit in each of the first two books, but we get their full story here. The false starts and dancing around each other that happens feels completely authentic. This is a well written and enjoyable friends to lovers / second chance at love story that leaves you with a warm a fuzzy feeling.
While it is technically a stand alone, there is significant background information in the first two books. Portions of this story also run parallel to book 2, so there are potential spoilers if you haven't read them all.
The Gallaghers of Darling have been fun to get to know and I am looking forward to what is coming for the ladies of the family.


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