Saturday, June 10, 2017

Update - Lurie Walk for Kids 5K Raffle

Usually I come here and talk about books, but today I am going to talk about a cause near and dear to my heart. Back in 2014 our middle child had a really bad bout with RSV in the spring. We got that beat, but then a couple of weeks later, something wasn't right. 2 visits to the pediatrician later - along with massive amounts of edema - everyone agreed something wasn't right and we were sent off the Lurie Children's Hospital in Downtown Chicago. Within 30 minutes of arriving, the Lurie ER had us with an attending physician and with another 30 to 45 minutes we were with the kidney team and on our way to a treatment plan.

T man the morning we went to the hospital

Our stay at Lurie ended up stretching out to 10 days. Thankfully, once we had a diagnosis and treatment plan our little guy didn't require a lot of medical intervention. Hubby and I were with him and able to take care of most of his needs. We saw our nurses a lot, but most of it was very routine. The hospital's Family Life Center saved our sanity - especially when we reached a point that Hubby needed to go back to work and I was at the hospital around the clock.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015 and instead of a hospital bound 3 year old, we had a strong healthy 4 year old who'd been firmly in remission for over 6 months. That's when our journey to pay it forward and pay it back began and we walked in our first Lurie Walk for Kids 5K. We are about to walk in our third walk this June and we are trying something different to raise a little money.

We are going to be hosting a raffle with several different prizes, but only a limited number of tickets will be sold for each prize. Because we want our donors to know that the money they are spending is going to the cause - we are asking that tickets be purchased via direct donations to T man's fundraising page (if enough is raised, he would be recognized in the hero garden) then email us to let us know how many tickets you'd like and which prizes you would like to be entered for - make sense?

So far, our team has raised $200! For this last week - every $10 donation will get you 3 tickets for the basket of your choice! Please consider helping!

Here is the link to T's donation page.....

Tyler's Page

Once your donation is made - email me at with entry details:
Please include your name, e-mail address AND

What are you trying to win?

Basket 1 -10 tickets are available at $5/each

Julep beauty box (approximately $25 value)
with a Stella and Dot bracelet

Basket 2 - All Tickets have been sold and winner notified! 

Paperback from Ryleigh Andrews (Losing You - signed)
Paperback from Stephanie Rose (Only You)
Reuseable E-Reading After Midnight shopping tote
Fun book related swag
(approx $50 value)

Basket 3 - 10 tickets available at $10/each

2 Paperbacks from Lili Mahoney - including her BRAND new book being released May 15!
E-Reading After Midnight coasters
E-Reading After Midnight coffee mug
Fun Book related swag
(approx $50 value)

Basket 4 - 10 tickets available at $10/each

2 Signed Paperbacks from Gia Riley (Rock the Boat and Rock the City)
1 Mystery Paperback
Reusable E-Reading After Midnight shopping tote
Fun Book Related Swag
(approx $50 value)

Basket 5 - CLOSED - Winner has been notified

2 Paperbacks from Mandi Beck (Love Hurts and Love Burns - SIGNED)
1 Paperback from Mandi Beck (Stoned - unsigned)
Cute Tote bag from Mandi 
A Surprise Gift from E-Reading After Midnight
Fun Book related Swag
(approx $60 value)

Basket 6 - 10 tickets available at $10/each

2 Paperbacks from Sloane Howell (Panty Whisperer and Tommy Boy - Signed)
1 Paperback of How to Date a Douchebag from Sara Ney - Signed
1 Tote bag from Sloane Howell - Signed
a Surprise from E-Reading After Midnight
(approx $50 value)

I will post updates as basket raffles are closed and once a basket has 10 entries, a winner will be selected and contacted regarding shipping. 

Thank you so much for reading this far - and please remember, you are not sending money to us or to our family. All donations made via the Tyler's Page link above are tax deductible and go straight to the Lurie Children's Walk for Kids 5K and benefit the patients and families in the hospital.

T Man in April 2017! 

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  1. T-man looks fabulous. So happy for you and your family. My youngest was in the hospital twice at 5 and 6 years old. We were at Children's Hope once in isolation for meningitis and once for Noro virus. Scariest thing on earth to have your child so sick and trying to keep happy thoughts going through your mind.