Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Review Round Up ~ August 18


Laces and Lace (Assassins, #7)Laces and Lace by Toni Aleo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars - Average Read

Copy Received as a Gift

I went diving into my TBR list this week and grabbed a book by a go to author that has been sitting for a while. This edition of Laces and Lace included the prequel Tangled in the Laces.
Part of me loved this book. Lacey is a female lead that you want to root for, she is a cancer survior/advocate who reconnects with her college sweetheart 9 years after their failed first chance. Karson is an amazing hero character as well. He knew what he wanted at 20 and went for it, messed up when he thought he was doing the right thing, then fought like heck for his happy ever after when the second chance came along. The chemistry between these two was amazing and their story was an emotional one as they fought to figure things out.

As much as I rooted for and liked these characters, something about the story drug for me and made it hard to connect with them fully. I think a lot of my frustration was with Lacey and the part of the secondary cast made up of her family. While I wanted to sympathize with Lacey, it seemed like the same issues reared their head in terms of conflict repeatedly. They weren't exactly same, but they were slightly different versions of the same arguement and it seemed that she was creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

I don't know if it was my mind set when reading or something about the books itself, but I wanted to reach through the kindle and tell Lacey to open her eyes and get over herself!
I am glad I came back to the Assassins - It was nice to see some of the characters again to catch up.


Summer SizzleSummer Sizzle by Serenity Woods

My rating: 3 of 5 stars - Average Read

Overall, this was an entertaining box set. I definitely enjoyed 2 of the stories more than the other and would be curious to see what happened later in their respective series. That said - I was very disappointed at the editing issues in the books. This is a box set, not the first publication of these books, so the editing issues should have been identified and corrected.

Taking charge
3 stars
Decent read, but very light on character and story line development.

Mr Sinful
3 stars
Cute story. I enjoyed Rusty, Faith, and the gang. It would have been much better if some of the obvious timeline issues had been cleaned up in the editing process.
The editing issue is especially true as this is a box set, not the original publication.

Seducing Summer
3 stars
I think this was my favorite of the box set, but editing was a pretty significant issue again. At one point, there is name change regarding who Callie (the female lead) spoke with. That change meant that the folloing scene didn't make sense.

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