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Studfinder by L.B. Dunbar ~ New Release and Review


Release Date: August 2, 2021

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Who does that sexy silver fox think he is, sitting in her spot in the Busy Bean Cafe?

Over forty, with zero filter, Rita Kaplan loves her coffee, her hiking boots, and her law practice. Life hasn’t always been carefree, though, and Rita’s past holds the scars of poor decisions after deep loss. She survived, though, and no smirky silver fox is going to get in the way of her happiness. Even if he knows how to use his drill, screwdriver, and every other tool in his box to tempt her . . .

Former arson investigator Jake Drummond could add ex-con to his resume if he had one. Instead, he’s serving the final year of his sentence on probation. This involves mandatory AA meetings, hosted by a feisty local attorney, and working on a renovation project, supervised by the same annoyingly attractive whirlwind, who also believes she owns the exclusive rights to a comfy couch in his new favorite coffee shop. Soon she’s everywhere, including the few places she shouldn’t be--like in his bed and in his heart. 

Can opposites lower their walls and construct something everlasting . . . or will their connected past lead to demolition for two hearts in need of a rebuild?

Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

I am not super familiar with the other Busy Bean books where this is set (the only one I’ve read was the other Dunbar entry, Cowboy), but I am an LB Dunbar fan.

Studfinder is loosely connected to Cowboy as the female leads of the two books are good friends. I liked Rita, but found her initial interactions with Jake (the male lead) to be more abrasive than what I would have expected from a Dunbar heroine. It worked for this story, but it made it harder to connect with her in the beginning.

I had some of the same issue with Jake, his rough edges were almost too rough, but as we got to know him and understand the circumstances he was in, they made more sense.

As the story of Studfinder played out, I found myself liking these characters more and more and rooting for them to find their happy endings. I appreciated the messages in the books that 1) sometime good people make bad choices and deserve a second chance and 2) it’s never too late to change directions and find what you are missing.

Overall, this is a solid read from a favorite author. It’s a bit different from her usual, but definitely worth the time.

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