Monday, January 4, 2016

Always You ~ Stephanie Rose ~ Review

To Samantha Christensen, Lucas Hunter was always the guy—the sexy, smart and unattainable man she pined for throughout college. 

To Lucas, she was a treasured friend, a younger sister he felt the need to protect. She had a choice—to wait and hope, or to settle. 

When they meet again years later, Lucas looks at Samantha and sees a woman he wants—even though she’s not free to take. As they renew their friendship he finds he’s falling hard, and can’t accept any less than all of her. Samantha realizes there’s hope with Lucas. Will she finally have a chance to be happy with the man she’s always loved, or will obligations and insecurities stand in their way? Can Samantha and Lucas convince each other that they belong together? That it was Always You? 

 Always You is the first novel in the Second Chances series. Each novel will be an interconnected standalone about second chances at love. Due to sexual situations, its recommended for readers 18 and up.

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Elizabeth's Review

4 Stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

My Always You confession - I was a little afraid to read it. Why you ask? I knew that Samantha - our heroine was married when she started her relationship with Lucas, the hero. I was afraid that would make it hard for me to embrace her and after all of the awesome things I have heard about Lucas, I really wanted to be able to like her too.

I didn't need to worry! The way Ms. Rose told Samantha and Lucas' story, I couldn't help but cheer for them both and root for Samantha's marriage to be a thing of the past. This story is lighter than Only You (the connected follow up story), but still emotional. You are pulled into the story and can easily put yourself in the characters shoes as they move through the challenges they face. This is definitely a book I wish I had read earlier and recommend.

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