Saturday, July 23, 2022

Run For Your Honey by Staci Hart ~ New Release & Review

Twelve years ago, my first and only love left town and never came back.

How dare he show up now, looking like that.

And he’s running against me for mayor.

It’s unfair, him standing there, too tall and handsome for his own good. It’s audacious that his clothes accentuate every lean, strong curve of his body. It’s universal BS that his smile makes my heart flipflop, and it’s patently un-freaking-believable that my body would betray me when he turns that gorgeous smile on me.

I’ll do whatever it takes to win, and he knows it.

But when he kisses me, all bets are off.

If I win, he leaves.

If he wins, I lose.

And either way, he breaks my heart.

Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

We have followed the Blum sisters as they fight to save their town and end up falling in love. One by one, they’ve fought the “curse” and now it’s Poppy’s turn - or is it?

Poppy’s romantic interest/nemesis is her high school sweetheart, Duke. These two have a lot of history and are in an adversarial contest for Mayor. Watching them maneuver through the race and their interactions with each other is a fraught experience that keeps you on your toes. I appreciated that Ms Hart allowed them to explore their feelings, but also didn’t make it easy for them to figure out their way forward.

Real life is messy and these messy moments were excellent opportunities for Poppy and Duke to see what mattered to them and decide what direction they needed to go. Add in a great secondary cast and this is a story that packed a bit of a punch. There are a couple of smaller characters here that I am curious about, I would love to see if Wyatt and Evan get stories at some point!

These stories are sequential, so the town’s backstory appears in Jo and Daisy’s stories. That information influences what happens in Run For Your Honey (so, it’s best to read the series in order - that’s the main reason this is a 3.5 star read vs a full 4.)

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