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Carry Me Home - Rosalind James

By now, you all know that I'm a little fan girl for Rosalind James. Most of her work has been self-published, but her newest release not only starts a new series, it also is the first of her books published by the Montlake imprint. Congrats to Rosalind!
Paradise, Idaho, may not be the largest town, but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo, it’s the first step on the path to her big break. After teaching in a small Idaho school, her next stop is the Ivy League, and no one is going to stand in her way. She’ll do what it takes to move up, to protect her students from a creepy campus stalker—and to protect her heart from Cal Jackson, the hot, hunky cowboy who keeps coming to her rescue. After a career-ending injury, Cal has left professional football behind and come home to work the family farm. He’s determined not to get mixed up with any more city girls who don’t want to settle down with a country boy. But after he rescues sassy geologist Zoe from a snowy ditch, he can’t stop thinking about her. Can Cal keep Zoe safe from whoever is targeting her—and can he show her that having ambition doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice love?

Elizabeth's Review

5 Stars

Review Copy provided by author

Before I started reading Carry Me Home, I knew that I enjoyed Rosalind James’ work. I knew that she wrote strong female characters that are “real” and easy to relate to along with male characters that are strong and gentle at the same time. I knew that she could write a really good sexy scene and that she could make me laugh.
What I didn’t know was if she could make me nervous and sit at the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next.
What I found out is that she can!

In Carry Me Home we meet Cal and Zoe. He is a retired NFL player turned farmer in a small Idaho community and all around good guy. She is a newly minted PhD and associate professor at the local college. At first, this seems like Ms. James’ other works; a slightly unlikely couple meet and start working on whether or not they want to pursue the attraction that is present. An attack on one of Zoe’s students leads her to get involved to help the young lady feel safer on campus, making her the bad guy’s new target.
Cal and Zoe’s budding friendship has him helping her and sheer luck has him rescuing her which paves the way for their romantic relationship to grow. Ms. James does a great job of balancing the romantic aspects of Cal and Zoe’s relationship while building and maintaining the suspense of trying to figure out who the bad guy is.
Carry Me Home has the hallmarks of Ms. James’s work. It is well written with romance, relationship and personal growth elements, humor, and characters that you like and really root for. This book adds the excellently executed element of suspense – when Cal figured out who the attacker was I was shocked!
I genuinely enjoyed Carry Me Home and hope we can come back to Paradise to see what happens next.

Carry Me Home comes out TOMORROW - click to go order a copy so you can come back and tell me what you think.

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