Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cowboy, Remind Me - Danita Cahill

FAIRY TALE WEDDING... Leah Poole never wanted a fairy-tale wedding, so when she finds herself smack dab in the midst of planning her own big, over-the-top wedding she starts to shut down. Nothing feels right. She can’t even find a suitable wedding dress. HE LOVES ME...HE LOVES ME NOT... Leah loves her fiancĂ©, Colton Rafferty. She’s been fond of him since they played together as children. Leah can’t believe he’s chosen her to spend his life with – Colton is a handsome, successful, wealthy businessman, while Leah’s a full-figured, low-income, hometown cowgirl. But as Colton and Leah’s wedding date draws nearer, it feels less and less like they’re a match made in heaven, and more and more like they’re a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. THE COWBOY BROTHER… Colton’s brother, Clay, is a rodeo cowboy, an Oregon ranch hand, and a temporary maintenance man at Pine Creek, Montana’s grand old Milton Motel – the venue where Leah and Colton plan to exchange their vows. Bumping into Clay over and over surfaces a flood of buried memories, and Leah starts questioning herself. Is she marrying the right brother? And will she figure out the answer before she’s exchanged vows with the wrong man?

Elizabeth's Review

3 Stars

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What would you do if you were engaged and trying to plan a wedding you have no interest it? That is the situation of heroine, Leah, finds herself in.
Leah was orphaned at 18 when she and her parents were in a horrible care accident. The Leah who emerged from the accident was not the same person she was before. The new Leah is terribly insecure and has memory issues from PTSD. The beginning of Cowboy, Remind Me find Leah working with her two best friends to plan the wedding her fiancé wants, even though nothing feels right to her.
This is a well written book and I could understand Leah, but I had a hard time connecting with her. It was obvious from the very beginning that she had zero desire to actually plan her own wedding. She was letting her friends, one of whom was her future sister-in-law, do all of the work. The portrayal of Colton, Leah’s finance, made it very clear that these two were not headed for happy ever after.
When Clay, Colton’s brother returns to town, the sparks between him and Leah just confirm how wrong it is that she is planning to marry Colton. As the story moves along, we see Leah struggle and she finally makes a difficult decision. When Leah reaches this point, my respect for her ramps up.
As I learned more about Leah, why she made some of the choices she did made more sense, but it was still difficult to relate to her. It was also difficult to like her friend Marnie, but I wonder if some of that was because the book is part of a series and there is information I didn’t have. It seemed as if there might be backstory I was unaware of.
This was a good book, but I didn’t love it.

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