Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm not going to ask you to like me.....

Got your attention with that one, didn't I?
This post isn't strictly book related, more book blog related, so please bear with me as I go off on a little tangent today.

A lot of author's have closed Facebook groups dedicated to talking about their work. Each group is different and has it's own personality, just like the authors who have set them up. I popped onto Facebook on my phone recently to correct a spelling error my husband was kind enough to point out when I saw a post to one of these closed groups - it was someone plugging their brand new blog. Having my own brand new blog, my first thought was "that's an idea...." then I clicked on the comments to the post and they consisted of, "I liked your blog, so go like mine." That got me to thinking....

Thought 1 - Do I want people to like my blog? Yes, of course I do. Anyone who takes the time to create something hopes that someone else will like it and find it worthy.

Thought 1, Part 2 - WHY do I want people to like my blog? Well - I want people to like the blog because they find some value in what I have to say. Do I talk about authors you like? Is there a book in your TBR pile that you haven't read yet, but the review intrigued you? Did I share a post on Facebook for a book that's on sale, just released, or has a giveaway going that you are interested in? Those are the types of reasons I want someone to like E-Reading After Midnight, not because I agreed to go click like on their blog's Facebook page.

Thought 2 - Is an author's closed Facebook group the place for the "Go like my blog" post? Honestly, I don't think so. The author's group is a place to discuss the author's work, book signings, etc. For some authors, it may be a little broader than that. It goes back to the personality thing, but I don't agree with randomly hawking your blog in a closed group.

Thought 3 - When is it okay to plug your blog in a closed group? When you are blogging about the author of course! My rule of thumb has been that if I have a blog post about an author, then I will share the link to the review with them either in a closed group (If I am a member) or just on their Facebook page.

Thought 4 - When is it okay to ask for likes? I have decided that I will occasionally participate in giveaways hosted by other people where the criteria for entering will be liking my blog, so I guess I am asking you to like me. But, I kind of look at that like advertising.... What is the difference you ask... Well, for starters - in the giveaways, someone has reached out and said "I am looking for authors/bloggers to sponsor contests, get in touch if you are interested." Things are arranged privately and when the contest runs, there will be some fun blog advertising. I'm not jumping into a group willy nilly and shouting "like my blog." That may seem like splitting hairs, but just the way I see it.....

**Disclaimer** I'm in no way trying to judge or dis other bloggers here. I completely understand wanting to see that "like" count go up... it's exciting to see (I say this as my page just hit 41.... woo hoo), these are strictly my thoughts on what's right for me.

Okay, there is my little Editorial for the day. I promise not to go off on tangents too often.... I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Reading!

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