Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fierce by Rosalind James

A sexy new STAND-ALONE NOVEL by the bestselling author of the Escape to New Zealand series I never asked Hemi Te Mana to rescue me. It was true that I had a lousy job. Not to mention a lousy apartment and too much responsibility, although it was a responsibility I wouldn’t have given up for the world. That still didn’t mean I needed rescuing, if that was what you’d call the situation I ended up in. And anyway, I knew that a multimillionaire Maori CEO with too many muscles, a tribal tattoo, and a take-no-prisoners attitude was way, way out of my league. So, no, I didn’t ask him to, but he rescued me anyway. Because Hemi was fierce. But you know what I found out? So was I. Note: This is the “book within a book” that Faith is writing in Just in Time: Escape to New Zealand. Hemi isn’t Will, but you may see some of Faith’s feelings about Will coming out...

Elizabeth's Review

4.5 stars

Review Copy Provided by Author

In Rosalind James’ most recent Escape to New Zealand book, Just In Time, one of the characters is an author and her book causes some issues with the man she loves. In Fierce, we get to read the book that caused such a stir. Before reading Fierce, I had an expectation that it was going to be “different” from Ms. James other work. And it is, but it isn’t……
How is it different? Location and the careers of the characters are a departure for Ms. James. Hemi is not her usual hero, at least he appears to not be at first. The Cinderella aspects of the story are something we haven’t seen in Ms. James work before.
How is it not different? Two people with an unconventional start to their relationship; both grow and learn about themselves and each other. Strong characters, both the male and female leads are people that you respect and want to get to know better. Steamy sex scenes in just the right dose and just the right “attitude” for the story being told. Romance that isn’t just about sex and showing that there are other aspects to relationships.
I went into Fierce, not being sure if I was excited about it or not. Since I am a huge fan of Ms. James that was unusual. I have to say that I was pleased to discover a work that meets the standards she has set for herself with prior work and I would be thrilled to read more of this type of book from her.

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