Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love Turns With Twisted Fates - Caleigh Hernandez

With passion and promise, his love took my breath away. Our story continues to be as storybook as they come. Or so I thought. We are living our happily every after. Well, not exactly. Life in a new home, in a new city, in a new country is full of surprises. This can’t be my reality. When we committed to ‘til death do us part, I wasn’t expecting this. We are the Beauty and the Saint, but can we survive our twisted fates?

Elizabeth's Review

4 stars

Review Copy Provided by Author

Wow, there are no other words to adequately describe the experience that is reading about Izzy and Diego in this second installment in the Truth About Love series.
We pick up where Love Takes Your Breath Away leaves off and we get to see both what Izzy and Diego are going through currently and get to see how they first just met. The background about their relationship makes the current experiences much more visceral.
I still love Izzy, she continues to be a character that you can relate to and root for. I’m a little frustrated with Diego and how blind he could be. I’m not sure how to say much more without spoiling anything, but I will say that Ms. Hernandez takes us on a roller coaster of emotion and leaves you tangled up waiting to see what happens next.

I have to admit to be being cautious and curious after reading the first book in the series. After finishing Love Turns With Twisted Fate, I am completely hooked. So Caleigh – 1-3-4. 2-4, 2-4 

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