Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet The Author - BL Berry

Let's give a warm E-Reading After Midnight welcome to B.L Berry, our guest for today's Meet The Author interview.
Published work
Love Nouveau and Love Abstract, The Art of Falling Duet
What are you working on now?
My current work in progress is an untitled broken romance. If I can do the storyline justice, I believe that readers will both love and hate my equally.
Do you get to write full time or do you also have a “day” job?
I do indeed have a pretty demanding day job and find time to write late and night and when I'm traveling for work.
Favorite part of being an author?
Being able to share the stories in my heart with the world and hopefully touching just one person with my words.
Scariest part of being an author?
In the beginning I used to think the criticism was incredibly scary. But you know what? Everyone is criticized at some point and the feedback doesn't necessarily bother me. I now think the scariest part about being an author is not being to tell all of the stories that keep me up late at night.
Who are your favorites to read?
I adore Colleen Hoover, Caroline Kepnes, Mia Asher, Leylah Attar, Mia Sheridan, Leah Raeder and L.B. Simmons
If you had $1 million to giveaway, what would you do with the money?
Buy myself a new laptop for writing, pick up some incredible swag as a thank you to my fans, pay a few bills, take a nice trip with the family and then donate a sizable chunk to folks who need it.
One piece of advice to an aspiring writer?
You only have one debut, so invest the time and resources to putting your absolute best foot forward.
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