Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Officer's Promise ~ K. Langston ~ New Release

K. Langston 

The Officer’s Promise Excerpts:

Excerpt: #1
My hands moved to her ass, dipping beneath the little black dress that had driven me half-crazy tonight, my fingers digging into the soft skin to lift her up as I fed from her hungry mouth. Short, ragged breaths were the only sounds filling the hallway, and I was certain they fled in time with my thrumming heart.
Her hands snuck beneath my shirt, wrestling for purchase. Her touch was a sword, slicing me wide open for her to reach inside and take what was left of me.
She could have it.
It was all useless without her anyway.
“Ryker, please.”
The longing in her voice had my hands moving to her face, angling her head so I could find a deeper connection. A growl vibrated in my chest as I lifted her and carried her to the hotel room door. Once inside, I stood her up next to the bed, swaying slightly, almost drunk on her taste, her presence.
Her fucking need.
          My control was fading, erased by my own desire for her.
“I want you so bad, baby,” I whispered between her lips. “Can you feel it?”
My hands moved to the back of her dress, drawing down the zipper slowly. “Tell me what you feel.”
My tongue tasting the skin of her neck, I asked, “Where?”
Her dress fluttered to the floor. “What else?”
“Lips,” she answered breathlessly.
I pressed them to her bare shoulder. “Where?”
With the tilt of her head, her mouth stole mine, fingers burrowing into the back of my head as she tugged me closer, completely taking over. Each scrape of her nails raking across my skin and every moan that escaped her mouth was one step closer to my demise.
Jesus, I could come just from this fucking kiss.
She slowed her breathing and the kiss, easing her hold on my neck, relinquishing control back to me.
“What else do you feel, baby?” I asked in a deep voice that made her eyes flutter closed as I pressed myself against her.
I could taste it on her lips, but I was dying to hear her say it. In the span of three breaths, she finally opened her eyes once more and answered.

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