Sunday, May 8, 2016

UnExpected ~ TC Matson ~ Review

Turns out he was everything I ever wanted—charming, loving, and super sexy. But I knew being with Levi, the gorgeous MMA fighter every woman wanted, was going to be difficult. Especially since he’s so far away training a beautiful up-and-coming female fighter, teaching the very thing he thrives on. I just didn’t realize how damaging and strenuous this would be to our relationship. With so many twists and turns, unfortunately, we both got blindsided by the unexpected.

I’m everything she wants and surprisingly, she was everything I needed. Quickly she became my very existence—my heartbeat. Everything around me faded as she became clear in view. And just because I’m affectionate toward her doesn’t mean I’ve changed. Don’t confuse my being in love with weakness. I’m still pretty damn perfect. I knew distance was going to be hard, but hell, this is agonizing.

 ***UnExpected is a continuance of Blindsided (The Fighter Series Book #1), beginning right where book 1 left off. It’s highly recommended you read Blindsided first.***

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3.5 Stars - Worth A Reader's Time 

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I have to confess that if I had to rate this book by itself, it wouldn't be a 3.5 star book (it would be closer to a 3), but when combined with Blindsided, the whole story deserves the higher rating. 

UnExpected is very well written and good conclusion to Paige and Levi's story. But, I will say that I wonder if this really needed to be a two book set. Both books, but especially the beginning of UnExpected seem to have a fair amount of repetitiveness. I sympathized with how both Paige and Levi felt, but it felt like we were more than 1/3 of the way into the book before anything of real import had happened.

If you have read Blindsided, then you will definitely enjoy seeing what happens next for our fighter and his lady. If you haven't read the first book, then I suggest you hold off on reading this one because it plops you right in the middle of their relationship. Ms. Matson is a newer author to me and I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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