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Dream Magic ~ Michelle Mankin ~ COMING SOON and REVIEW

The dreamscape is a place of magic and mystery and meaning. In that nocturnal realm, ideas, images, sensations and emotions drift on the currents of the unconscious mind. Morpheus the Dream Falcon is most at home in that domain. By night, the one of a kind winged immortal soars on those winds, observing and sometimes even entering the slumbering thoughts of another. By day, he is a highly sought after mercenary feared by his immortal kin for both his unmatched ferocity and his wicked obsidian talons. None of his prey escapes him. 

Cecilia Ramirez y Aguilera is the one he truly wants. But the striking oracle of the Court of the Light Immortals is closed to the handsome outlaw, even in her dreams. Broken by unimaginable losses, the seer is but a slave, subject to the whims of a master who is mad and without mercy. Drawn together by fate, their impossible passion ignites. But will that be enough given the dangerous secrets each keeps from the other? Or will mistrust and the desire for revenge threaten to unravel the powerful magic that binds them?

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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I am struggling with this review a little bit. First off - let me tell you that if you have not read Strange Magic, STOP - go back and make sure you read it first.
I enjoyed reading Dream Magic, but I think some of that is because of enjoying the series as a whole. This installment is heavier on the mythology and involves world building in even greater detail and that makes it a little bit harder to get invested into the story. We also spend most of the first half of the book with our heroine and learning the background of her story before we even see our hero. Once Morpheus does appear, the pace of the story picks up.
One of the things I struggled with a little bit is that I went into this book expecting it to be Morpheus' story with Billy and Thyme from Book 1 being tangential characters and that's not really what happened. The romance in this book is that of Morpheus' and Cecilia, but their romance is almost a secondary story line for the majority of the book.
I would have called Strange Magic a romance in a paranormal setting. This installment strikes me more as a paranormal read with a romance in it. If you enjoyed Strange Magic and want to see what happens next, Dream Magic is a good read with interesting characters and lots of suspense, but be prepared to want to know what happens next as you are left with more questions than answers at the end of the journey.

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