Thursday, September 15, 2016

Awakened ~ T.C Matson ~ New Release and Review

I was just getting my life under control — new job, new friends, less past. Until I met him — this persistent and insanely sexy man who spoke few words. He stormed into my world with one rule — leave your heart out of it. I knew I had to walk away, but his grip was tighter than I ever expected. I had no idea my past intertwined with his present, yet it almost stood in the way of our future.

My life was exactly the way I wanted it — nothing of importance tying me down and endless strings of nameless and faceless women. That all changed when I met her. I gave her one rule, yet I couldn’t follow it. Her presence caused something inside me to snap and she awakened feelings and thoughts I had tucked away long ago — ones I knew caused pain. I had no control over what was happening. My only choice was to watch, unable to stop our worlds colliding. As both our pasts haunted us, everything around me shattered.

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Elizabeth's Review

3 Stars - Average Read

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In the first two Fighter series books we met Levi's assistant/sidekick, Adam. We get to know him a little bit better in Awakened.
For the most part, I enjoyed this book. Unfortunately, there were several distraction and detracting factors that made it hard for me to give it the credit it probably deserves. I don't know if it's a case of the author's style and I not meshing or if it was something specific to this book, but I just didn't like it as much as I did Paige and Levi's story.
The two biggest struggles I had with this story were 1) Kelsie and Adam both end up declaring their love, etc, but I didn't really feel the investment in the relationship on Adam's part. 2) The Ex factor. It didn't make sense to me that Kelsie's ex husband would literally fight for her just to give up.
I think this is a good book and it's worth a read, especially if you have read the previous two, I'm just not sure it's the strongest entry in the series.

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