Saturday, September 10, 2016

Forever Entwined - M C Decker

Ireland said "yes" to Bentley's marriage proposal. 
They have a baby on the way, and are soon headed toward the altar. But, will circumstances beyond their control tear them apart once again, or will Bentley and Ireland finally find the wedded bliss they so desperately desire as they become Forever Entwined?

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Elizabeth's Review

4 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Having read Loved Entwined, this was a fun addition to the story. It was nice to see some of what happened as Bentley and Ireland headed for their happy ending.
This is definitely not a stand alone novella, you need to read Love Entwined for this to make sense. But, If you read and enjoyed getting to know Bentley and his Shamrock, make sure to check this out. 

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