Monday, March 14, 2016

1500 Likes Giveaway

Back in May 2015, I decided to start a blog so I could talk about books. I seriously expected that I would be talking to myself and it would fizzle out - I figured it would be gone before school started. Well, I was wrong. In that past 10 months I've "met" some amazing people in the book world and a few of you have decided that my little blog is worth paying attention to. Our Facebook page has nearly 1500 followers!

To celebrate, we are having a giveaway of some of my favorite books from that past year. This list is NOT exhaustive and I wish the giveaway could be larger, but I didn't win the powerball.....

There are 2 prize packs of books, so we will have 2 winners. If you win and already own one of the books in the prize pack, we can discuss alternate choices from my favorites list :)

Here are the prize packs:

Favorites #1

Only You by Stephanie Rose (Paperback)
Wait for Me by Eleanor Green (ebook)
Stay With Me by Eleanor Green (ebook)
Faith's Firsts box set by Faith Andrews (ebook)

Favorites #2

When Fates Collide box set by Isabelle Richards (ebook)
Storms Over Secrets by J.A. DeRouen (ebook)
Live Me by Celeste Grande (ebook)
Collide by JC Hannigan (ebook)

Here is the link to enter:

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  1. thank you for the chance at this giveaway!! so fun. have a great week. ( :

  2. Congratulations! :-) thank you for the chance, the prizes are great! ����