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Pieces by T. Aleo ~ New Release and Review

In New York City, an underground society of supernatural beings exists, hidden among everyday humans. They don’t know of our activities or any of our secrets. The districts of the Works are made up of vampires, wolves, shifters, witches, and I’m in the fifth and arguably most important district, the Patchwork. My father is the leader of our group, and he oversees all of the other factions. 

 As his only daughter, that makes me the princess of it all. Cool, right? Actually…no. Sure, I live in a mansion and money isn’t an object, but that doesn’t matter because I can’t leave. I have a guard who follows me around 24/7. My father and three older brothers treat me like I’m a fragile piece of glass, never allowed to take an independent step or make any decisions on my own. It’s beyond frustrating—especially since my father essentially runs my life. 
 He says what I do, when I do it, how I do it, and all that jazz. He tests his formulas and new techniques on me. I’m a walking science experiment. 
 I hate it. 
 I hate my life here. 
 But then he comes along: Killian. He’s just some vampire…or so I thought. But you’ll have to read my story to find out what I mean. To know my secrets. Until then, though, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca von Stein. And I’m a descendant of Dr. Frankenstein. 
 Welcome to the Works. 

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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Ms. Aleo is an author whose work I always enjoy. Since Pieces is in a very different genre than her previously published work, I tried to go into reading this as if she were a new author to me.

In Pieces, not only does Ms. Aleo create characters that are interesting and entertaining, she also creates a whole new world for us to explore. We meet the descendants of Dr. Frankenstein, the Von Stein family, who are the ruler of an under ground world that encompasses all of the creatures that go bump in the night. Our heroine, Rebekah, is the mortal daughter of the immortal Von Steins and she chafes at the bounds placed on her life.

Most of Pieces focuses on Rebekah and her struggle to find her place in her family, but we also see some of the struggles her brothers are facing, and the fraying of the fabric that is the world her father created.

I waffled between this being a 3.5 star and 4 star book. I enjoyed it and feel like it is a great launch of a new literary world that will be fun to explore, but I didn't love it. As interesting as Rebekah and her brothers were, I struggled a little with connecting to Rebekah emotionally. Granted, she is only 19 years old, but there were times when she acted just like the spoiled brat she was accused of being.
The ending of Pieces left me curious about where the Patchworks world will be going next, so I will definitely be back! Ms. Aleo should be applauded for taking her talents and branching out to give us a new world to enjoy.

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