Friday, July 29, 2016

Wild In Paradise ~ Leslie Pike

Temptation can alter a person's direction. But passion has the power to change you into something completely new. For movie star FINN KENNEDY, best friend FATHER PAUL CRUZ and Wardrobe Assistant ESME SCOTT life is about to drastically change. A movie set's a great place to test a persons will. You can get away with almost any indulgence. Finn has a penchant for play, his best friend Father Paul for his newly discovered sex life and Esme for her hard fought independence. Are mistakes of the past too big to overcome? All three will find out, when they get WILD IN PARADISE.

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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Since I just discovered Ms. Pike recently and enjoyed her debut novel, I was excited to be able to continue reading her work right away. Wild In Paradise loosely continues the story of the group we met in Trouble in Eden, but this time the focus is on Finn, his childhood friend Paul, and Esme (who is new to the group). The rest of the gang is still around, but this time in more secondary roles.

This is a well written, fun book. Romantic relationships play a key part in the story telling, but we also see people dealing with real life issues. We have a domestic abuse survivor, a relapsing/recovering addict, someone facing a cross roads, and the people who love and support them. This go around, Ms. Pike also gives us an element of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat while you watch how it will play out.

I did have one *small* complaint with Wild in Paradise. Finn and Esme are supposed to be in a fledgling romantic relationship, but we really don't see a whole lot of them together. The way the story line plays out, it works, but that would have been the biggest change I would have made.

 If you are just discovering Ms. Pike's work, you could easily start with this book as it is written as a stand alone. I would definitely recommend reading Trouble with Eden first though, the bulk of the characters in Wild in Paradise are introduced in that book and there is relevant back story that would add to the enjoyment here.

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