Monday, July 3, 2017

A Stardance Summer by Emily March

Sometimes the end of one road is just the start of another…

 Lili Howe took a leap of faith when she decided to join the Tornado Alleycats, her elderly landlady’s all-female glamour-camping club. Lili’s always given everything to her career, putting herself on track to become her CPA firm’s youngest partner. But now that Lili’s carefully planned future is shattered, she’s willing to let summer work its magic on her—at all costs.

There’s never a dull moment at Stardance Ranch, the Colorado resort Brick Callahan built from the ground up. Still, a late night skinny-dipping session involving a bunch of “glamping” grannies. . .with his best friend’s kid sister Lili among them? He couldn’t have made up such story if he tried. The undeniable mutual attraction between Brick and gorgeous, spirited Lili is a reminder that life is full of surprises. But when Brick’s ex-girlfriend suddenly shows up, he’s faced with a desperate choice: Do right by a woman he once loved or take a chance on Lili. . .and do everything he can to win her heart?

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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A sweet return to Eternity Springs!
I do have to confess to feeling a little lost at times when reading this book. One reason is that I have missed a few books in the series, so there were couples mentioned that I didn't know. The other reason is that this book heavily incorporates the Callahan family (which has their own series) and I haven't read their books yet either.
The missing pieces didn't keep me from getting to know Lili and Brick and enjoying their story. Compared to some other couples in Eternity Spring, the troubles Lili and Brick face before coming together are fairly small, but that doesn't change the fact that they meet with wounded hearts.
One of the things that made these two a fun couple is that they knew each other growing up and reconnect in a place they wouldn't have expected to see each other.
This is well written, very sweet and comes with the expected happily- ever-after on all fronts as Lili does some much needed branching out and Brick finally lets go of things he doesn't need.

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