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Random Reviews

It's that time again.... here are several reviews that have piled up without a post to go with them. This time they are mostly ARC copies that found their way to me. 

ARC Reads

Love Me Like This (The Morrisons #3)Love Me Like This by Bella Andre

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

If you need a sweet romance fix then this is the book to read!
Justin and Taylor were best friends in college and have an instant re-connection when they come together 5 years later. While their road isn't smooth, it's definitely sweet.
This is a typical Bella Andre read - the romance element kicks in almost right away and the relationship goes from 0 to 60 with some non relationship conflict thrown in. Both Justin and Taylor are easy to like, but given that this is a shorter read, we don't get a super deep dive into who they really are.
Family plays a key role in the story; another hallmark of Andre's work. This is part of a series focusing on the Morrison siblings, but having read the other books is not required to enjoy this one. Love Me Like This is a good stand alone and the perfect read if you are looking for something uncomplicated, semi emotional with some steamy time thrown in too.


 The Ones Who Got Away (The Ones Who Got Away, #1)The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Publisher

If you are over a certain age, you remember when mass shootings were a rare thing. The Ones Who Got Away takes a look what happened to a small group of people who survived just such an event.
Olivia and Finn dated secretly for a year in high school and both survived a mass shooting then went separate directions in the aftermath.
Fast forward 12 years and they, along with 3 other classmates, reconnect. The story that follows is just awesome.
Olivia and Finn spending time together reignited long forgotten romantic sparks and dreams that had also been shelved. I enjoyed the evolution of both characters and their relationship. I also appreciated the fact that Ms Loren avoided several blatant potential conflicts and let the conflict come from the core of who Finn and Olivia are. Given the upheaval they have lived through, this approach was much gentler and felt organic to the story.
This was definitely and enjoyable read and I am looking forward to seeing where the series goes - especially with this new to me author.


The Rancher's Baby (Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor)The Rancher's Baby by Maisey Yates
3.5 stars for a friends to lovers romance

Review Copy provided by publisher

This was a cute story about 2 long term friends becoming lovers and falling in love.
I enjoyed Selena and Knox and their journey towards an happily-ever-after. It was nice to see a 10+ year friendship blossom into more, especially since it required emotional growth on the part of both characters.
The thing that kept this from being a 4 star review was the fact that a story line was introduced at the beginning of the book and left completely unresolved. We first meet Selena and Knox at a funeral that wasn't and the reason Knox stays is the supposed potential threat to Selena. Other than one social situation mid story, this part of the story gets almost completely dropped.
I realize this book is part of a set and maybe this story will be picked up later, but for now it left me with a since of something "not done."
Ms. Yates is an author I have read before and hope to do so again. This was definitely an enjoyable book!


 Free Reads

Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1)Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend by Noelle Adams

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

3.5 stars for a super cute fast read.
This book focus on a group of friends, 3 sets of siblings. All are older brother/younger sister pairs. Noah is the one friend who left their home town for any real length of time. When he returns, he discovers he’s attracted to the woman who used to have a crush on him.
There are some elements of “oh come on” during the story and some “please Emma, look after yourself.” But, overall it was a story that I could embrace as sweet. Noah had a lot of emotional growth to get through for them to find their happy ending.
The characters were fun and engaging and had me curious about how the rest of the group will pair up.


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