Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Catching Fox ~ Aimee McNeil ~ NEW RELEASE and REVIEW

To be released December 22, 2015 
A chance meeting between two young souls is all it took... 
When Adalynne Fairweather was just a child, her entire life had already been planned. From Ivy League schools to a career in law, adventure was the one thing out of her reach. That was until a boy with bright green eyes and a monster truck t-shirt wandered into her back yard, giving the adventure she longed for. Refuge can be found in the most unlikely places… Damon Knight’s abusive home life left him longing for a childhood he never had—until he wandered into Adalynne’s yard. She took his hand, smiled at him, and even gave him a nickname. Fox. The woods became their escape—a place to flee from reality. He discovered music through Adalynne’s piano, and not long after that, she gave him a guitar. Little did he know that gift would change his life forever. Years later, their age is not the only thing that’s changed... Adalynne’s love for Fox took on a life of its own. As they begin to build their lives, her heart aches for him in ways she can’t understand. As they slowly begin to drift apart, Adalynne becomes more desperate to cling to their secret romance. But Fox is no longer the bright-eyed child from the woods. Her shy, beautiful Fox has grown into a dark, troubled man with a guitar. And when her last attempt to salvage their relationship breaks Adalynne’s heart, catching Fox a second time seems just out of her reach.

Elizabeth's Review

3.5 Stars ~ Would recommend to a friend

Review copy provided by author

This is my second book by Aimee McNeil and I have to admit that I liked this one better. I don't know if it was the story or the author becoming a more seasoned story teller, but I really did enjoy this book more than the previous effort.

Six year old Adalynne befriends six year old Damon and a lifelong relationship develops. Their friendship is its own little world where they are Bee and Fox and the outside doesn't exist. Fast forward 12 years and Damon breaks her heart for the first time and walks out of her life. We follow Adalynne as she tries to make her way through the world and forget about her Fox. Life brings them together over and over just to have him push her away again.

There were times when the storytelling felt a little stiff, but overall I enjoyed Adalynne's story. It was refreshing to watch her blossom into a strong young woman who pushed against her boundaries to live the life she wanted. It was nice to see her invest in the people, projects, and relationships that were important to her. Catching Fox is told from Adalynne's point of view and I would have enjoyed knowing more about Fox early on. His character was frustrating and I didn't understand Addie's connection with him until much later when a secret was revealed. Overall, Catching Fox is worth the time to read. I am looking forward to see what the author has for us next.

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