Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Favorite Books of 2015

It's been an AMAZING year for books and I have read a lot this year (as of today 286 books this year according to Goodreads!) and I've read some that were fantastic. Below is my list of favorites - they are in no particular order and I've included links so you can find them too....

When Fates Collide Series by Isabelle Richards
Box Set ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
Book One is free HERE

Collide Series by J.C. Hannigan
Collide ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
Consumed ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
Collateral ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
All Three book are available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Sacrifice by Adriana Locke 

Lovestruck Duet by Eleanor Green 
Wait For Me ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
Stay With Me ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon

Storms over Secrets by J.A. Derouen 
On Kindle Unlimited

Only You by Stephanie Rose 
On Kindle Unlimited 

Live Me by Celeste Grande 

Love/Hate Duet by Isabelle Richards 
Hate to Love You ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
Love to Hate You ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon

Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills 
On Kindle Unlimited

My Soul to Keep by Kennedy Ryan 
On Kindle Unlimited

Keep Me by Faith Andrews
Goodreads ~ Amazon

In Pieces by Gia Riley
Goodreads ~ Amazon
On Kindle Unlimited

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