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Finding Perseverance ~ TE Black ~ New Release and Review

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Finding Perseverance 


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Ten years ago, Ryleigh O’Donnell let the love of her life go so he could follow his dreams. 

Now, she’s a successful bar owner, a loyal and fierce friend, and someone everyone counts on. 

She has everything she has ever dreamed of, but there is still a void inside her the size of a six-

foot-four professional fighter, Rook Wallace, who she is forced to watch on television.

When she finds her past hiding in the shadows under her fire escape and asking for her help, she knows she should turn him away—protect herself. Her heart doesn’t care what her mind wants, though, and she risks everything by letting him back into her life. She just has to hold on long enough for him to clear his name, and keep his career afloat, then she can go back to business as usual … at least that’s what she tells herself.

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Elizabeth's Review

3 Stars - Average Read

Review Copy Provided by Author

To be honest, I went into this book really wanting to like it - rooting for it almost, so it's kind of disappointing to have to say that I didn't love it. My biggest issue with Finding Perseverance isn't the story that was written, it's the story that wasn't told.... and here's what I mean by that...

Our heroine is Ryleigh, she's a complicated character at core of her group of friends. We initially met her in Ms. Black's debut book, Finding A Way. She's been everyone else's rock and has reached a point where she feels a little taken for granted. Our hero is Rook. He's Ryleigh's first love and the brother to one of her best friends. He's been gone for 10 years and runs into legal trouble while in town for a fight and needs a place to lay low.

We've got this great set up - there is conflict, second chances, some suspense and then it's almost like a different story takes over. Once Rook reconnects with Ryleigh to stay out of the lime light, the suspense/legal part of the story just goes away. I could almost overlook that, if there had been this fantastic character development and emotional journey, but I didn't get that either. Yes, Rook and Ryleigh (and company) work through some of their emotional issues, but not in a way that shows a lot of growth as people. Their behavior reminded me a lot of high school/college relationship issues, not necessarily the behavior of nearly 30 year old successful business owners. As we approached the end of the book, the legal issue dramatically reappeared to be quickly dealt with and the obvious relationship solution was discovered too.

I know it sounds like I am bashing Finding Perseverance and I really don't mean to, it was not a "bad" book at all. I enjoyed reading it, but I do feel like a lot of potential for story and character development was left out in favor of sexy time and unnecessary drama.

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