Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Love Burns by Mandi Beck

It’s my name. It’s what I fight for. It’s Frankie.

I’m a fighter. Trained to always keep my cover. To anticipate, see the next hit coming. I never expected her past to come at us swinging like it has.

I’m about to take on two of the most important fights of my life. My girl and the belt. I know that I can handle it. That I’ll never stop fighting. But what do you do when your life, your love is threatened and you can't take the hits-she has to? You shut your eyes and f*cking pray like hell that she’s strong enough, fierce enough to come out on top.

I went to war for her. Now it's her turn.

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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a reader's time

It's been several months since I read Love Hurts, the first book in this series and I've been wanting to read this one and finally made time for it. I enjoyed the conclusion to Deacon and Frankie's story, but I felt like there were some missed opportunities to make the story stronger (That's why it's 3.5 stars instead of 4).
Love Burns picks up exactly where Love Hurts leaves off - with Deacon coming to Frankie's rescue. A lot of the relationship issues, especially when it comes to communication, these two had in the first book are still present and that creates a roller coaster effect that wore on me a little bit. There were several times when I just didn't see how they could not learn from their own mistakes. The other issue I had was the mystery/intrigue element of the story would be ignored and then pop back up. It made sense, but I felt like it was part of the story line that could have been explored more fully.
Overall, if you enjoyed Love Hurts, you'll like Love Burns - especially if you like super sexy alpha guys..... (and just for Mandi, I would love to see Sonny's story and what was behind all the good advice he had for Deacon!)

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