Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood, #4) ~ Vicki Lewis Thompson

The gun-shy cowboy… A cowboy's scars can last a lifetime. Ty Slater's cheerfulness is a carefully constructed armor. After losing his parents in a tragic accident, he was fostered at Thunder Mountain Ranch. Although he's learned how to survive, he hides a broken heart. He knows love leads to loss, so he's vowed never to fall in love… Unfortunately, Ty's attraction to Whitney Yates is nothing short of a maelstrom, a desire that threatens his resolve. When she's stranded at Thunder Mountain for Christmas, Ty realizes he'd better find Whitney's flaw, and fast—because his lust is too damn close to love. This red-hot cowboy is ready to bolt…unless Whitney shows him that some rides are definitely worth the risk.

Elizabeth's Review 

3 Stars - Average Read

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I really liked the idea behind this book. Two people have repeated chance encounters and are attracted to each other, but don't act on it. Fast forward several months and they reconnected and this time pursue the attraction. As much as I liked the idea, I struggled with how it was executed. It seemed that both Ty and Whitney were excited to get to know each other, but were moving slowly then both their personalities seemed to change and they, especially Whitney, became almost aggressive. I had a hard time getting a feel for who Ty and Whitney were as people and what they were really after. This is a well written book, but at times it feels stiff. It's a quick read and gives the reader a quick catch up on the boys for Thunder Mountain.

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