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Collide ~ J.C. Hannigan ~ NEW RELEASE and REVIEW

TITLE: Collateral
SERIES: Collide (Book 3)
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
AUTHOR: J.C. Hannigan
PUBLISHER: Booktrope Publishing
Release Date: November 15th, 2015

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While the scars on Harlow’s body slowly fade, the ones etched into her soul take longer to heal. Harlow faces her biggest challenges yet, as she navigates the trauma of being attacked in her home, the struggle of trying to move on with her love life, and a dark secret that could destroy her most enduring friendship. This new adult novel is the darkly satisfying third installment of the Collide series. Here, Harlow Jones is at her most raw, as she finally faces her demons, and Iain Bentley, head on.
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Elizabeth's Review

4 Stars –  Would Recommend to a Friend
Series 4.5 stars - One of the Best I've Reads
Review Copy Provided by Author

I finished Collateral early today and have honestly been sitting here at the computer trying to figure out how to talk about this book. One thing I figured out is that it’s almost impossible to talk about Collateral without also taking the prior two books, Collide and Consumed, into consideration as well.
In Collide, we met Harlow Jones as she began her senior in high school and went on a journey with her. We saw her go from someone completely isolated to being a friend and a lover. Her love interest, Iain, posed conflicts and we left her with one more person who let her down.

In Consumed, we picked up with Harlow a few years down the road and she is in college. She is operating in a bubble and lets very few people get close. Jax broke through Harlow’s walls and we saw her fall in love for a second time, this time with someone she can be out in the open with. The past also starts to catch up with Harlow and she struggles to deal with those issues.

Collateral picks up right where Consumed left off. Harlow is dealing with a lot in Collateral. She’s got physical trauma and an ex-boyfriend who is now suddenly showing up everywhere in her world. Going into Collateral, I really expected a story that had Harlow having to choose between Iain and Jax. That’s not the story Ms. Hannigan had to tell. Instead of a simple tale of “Who do I really love?” we continued on Harlow’s journey with her. She’s dealing with a lot emotionally and Ms. Hannigan does an excellent job of pulling the reader in and making her experiences relatable. Many of the lessons Harlow, and the people around her, have to learn in Collateral apply to almost everyone. Love and relationships play a key role in Harlow’s story, but romantic relationships are not the core of the story being told in the Collide, Consumed, and Collateral arc. The center of our story is the heroine, Harlow, and watching her learn how to balance the dealing with the past while also moving forward from it.

Ms. Hannigan does an excellent job as a story teller in all three books. She handles sensitive and sometimes troublesome subject matter with grace and makes potentially difficult characters likeable. I was pulled into the overall story of Harlow and found myself having several “what would I do?” moments. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ms. Hannigan and her storytelling have for us down the road.

J.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons, and two dogs. She writes contemporary romance, through which she brings to light awareness of mental health and social challenges.
TWITTER: @jcahannigan

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