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Silver Biker ~ L B Dunbar ~ New Release & Review

Release Date: October 8

James Harrington.

That’s my name, my birthright, and my curse. I didn’t always hate being a Harrington. At one time, I took it as a privilege. I used it to my advantage. But a name doesn’t stop you from losing everything, and after six haunting years, that everything is back forcing me to face the past or give up a future.


Evie Harrington. 

I bet you didn’t know about me because James doesn’t talk about me. Or to me. We had it all and I was never happier. My family was my entire world, but that world shattered. When faced with the unimaginable, is there a way to put the pieces back together? 

After six painful years, it’s time to accept our history and move forward or move on from one another.


It’s the final Harrington brother, so hold onto your hearts. Silver Biker is going to be a bumpy ride.

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Elizabeth's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

Over the last couple of years, Ms Dunbar has introduced us to the Harrington family of 4 brothers and a sister - all 40+ as they allow their wounds to heal and find second chances at love. As we have gotten to know this family, one brother lurked in the background, James. Silver Biker is the story of his second chance. 

Each story in this series has something that makes it unique. For James, the unique factor comes from the fact that his second chance isnt't with a new relationship, but with the wife he's been estranged from for six years. 

I'm struggling a little bit with how to tell you that you need to read this book without giving too much away. There are so many layers here that the reader really needs to discover for themselves that I feel like I am walking a very fine line. 

James is an interesting character. There were times during Silver Biker where I found myself rooting for him, but not liking him very much. As an individual character, I struggled a little bit with Evie too. There were times when I wanted to shake her and tell her what to do. As much as I had times when I wasn't loving either character, their story climbed in my lap and didn't want to leave. Ms Dunbar did a masterful job of weaving love, loss, passion, grief, anger, and hope into a push/pull that went just far enough to create change, but didn't go so far as to be redundant. 

For loyal series readers, you will be excited by some of the side stories that play into the evolution of James and Evie's story. As James is the last Harrington to get a story, there was a sense of being "complete" as we found out if he and Evie could mend the things that were broken. But, I'm not sure I'm ready to let Blue Ridge go.... there are other secondary characters that I think need a story, so I am hoping we get to come back soon. 

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