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Steals and Deals - June 30 - July 2


Bound (Fire on Ice Book 1) by Brenda Rothert

Roomie Wars by Kat T Masen


The Girl He Used to Know: A Novel by Tracey Garvis Graves $1.99

Time of Death (In Death) by J D Robb $1.99

The Military Wife by Laura Trentham $2.99

Second Nature by Nora Roberts $2.99

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Review Round Up - June 28

Just Released

Halton: Vested Interest #6Halton: Vested Interest #6 by Melanie Moreland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

We only thought we were done with the boys of BAM! Ms Moreland brings the boys back with a story for Hal, the lawyer who has been a secondary character in the series previously.

Hal’s story is one that is surprisingly emotional. It was entertaining to watch him with Fiona and see them both flourish as their relationship develops over time.

Well written, I enjoyed getting to know Hal and Fiona better. From the little quirks that they shared to seeing them both grow emotionally, this was a story that pulled me in and wouldn’t let go!

Rogue Most Wanted (The Cavensham Heiresses #5)Rogue Most Wanted by Janna MacGregor

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Publisher via Netgalley

This was a sweet historical with a strong heroine and bit of a twist.
With Rogue Most Wanted, Ms MacGregor brings us back to the Cavensham family, this time with Will as the hero. He is paired with a unique and strong heroine, Thea. While I'm not sure the title fits because Will is anything but a Rogue, this was an entertaining and enjoyable read.

I found myself genuinely liking both Thea and Will. I enjoyed her strength of character and the quirks that came from being isolated from society while she cared for her grandfather. Her willingness to face a challenge was also appealing.

As much as I liked Will, he was also the character that semi held this book back for me. In meeting him in previous books, he was a strong character. I would have expected him to be on the alpha side, but he almost seemed a little too courteous and a little too willing to take a back seat.

Will and Thea's story had several unique twists that played to the social and political climate of the time. There was one particular secondary character that I would have liked to have known more about. His motivations, etc because it would have solidified Thea's back story a little more.
Overall, this was a fun book in an entertaining series.


Newer Releases

Letters to Molly (Maysen Jar, #2)

Letters to Molly by Devney Perry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Birthday List was my first Devney Perry book and I was hooked! I fell a little bit in love with Poppy and the loyal group of friends and family that surrounded her as she opened herself up to living again. Two keys players were Molly and Finn.

In this companion to The Birthday List, Ms Perry fast forwards the timeline by 6 years and allows Finn and Molly a vehicle to shine a light on why their marriage failed and truly deal with the residual feelings.

I don't want to talk too much about Letters to Molly because I don't want to give anything away. I will say that this is a well written and emotional book. Some of the issues discussed felt very real and easy to relate to. This is honestly a book any one involved in a long term relationship should read.


There Goes My HeartThere Goes My Heart by Bella Andre

3.5 Stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

This was a quick, entertaining read. Rory and Zara are fun characters that have been needling each other for the past year before an event pops up that shows her vulnerability and allows him to help.
Well written, this fits the Andre mold of a quickly developing relationship. It’s was interesting to see Rory as the one hoping for more while Zara had the typical male characteristic of trying to avoid commitment.
Given this is part of the Sullivan world, the secondary cast is large, but they do not over power the primary story. I am looking forward to seeing what comes for Rory’s siblings.

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Steals and Deals - June 27



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Offsides by Jami Davenport ~ New Release and Review

He's the beast, and she's the beauty of his past.
Offsides by Jami Davenport is AVAILABLE NOW!
He's the beast, and she's the beauty of his past. After twelve years in the league, all Zach Murphy wants is a championship ring. His focus has been on hard hits–not smooth manners; about breaking quarterbacks–not making small talk at cocktail parties. After dumping a tray of drinks on the team owner’s daughter and accidentally feeling up the governor’s wife, his tenure with his team looks perilously short. Kelsie Carrington-Richmond knows what it's like to fall from grace. A onetime beauty pageant star and former high-school mean girl, she's now destitute and one step from living out of her car. With few real job skills, she focuses on starting her new business, Charm School for Real Men. She's thrilled to land her first clients, the Seattle Steelheads, who have hired her to polish their roughest player. Except…it’s Zach. The same guy whose broken heart she left in her wake when she was still a mean girl. He’s just the beast she remembers—but she’s nothing like the beauty queen she once was. Can they get beyond their pasts? Or will they both find themselves offsides? Previously published as Down by Contact in 2013. This version has been updated, re-written, and re-edited.
About the Author: USA Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances, including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the Madrona Island Series. Jami’s new releases consistently rank in the top fifty on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo’s Top Ten Most Completed Authors, an honor bestowed on the year’s “most engaging” authors based on an average page completion rate by their readers. Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare. Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher. She’s a lifetime Seahawks and Mariners fan and is waiting for the day professional hockey comes to Seattle. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.
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Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

Zach and Kelsie have history from high school and it’s not a great one. Fast forward 12 years and their economic circumstances have flip flopped. The poor kid is now a successful football player and the rich, mean girl is now struggling to restart her life.

The set up for their reconnection is a bit far fetched, but the story that follows is sweet. Both Zach and Kelsie have a lot of emotional growing to that almost gets in the way of happily ever after.

I enjoyed seeing them together and seeing the efforts they go through for each other even when they aren’t sure they want to. As the third in a series, there is a good opportunity to see previous staring characters and their significant role as secondary characters.

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Wild Steamy Hook Up~ Piper Rayne ~ Cover Reveal

He’s the quiet brooding guy who’s owned my heart since I was sixteen but has refused to claim it.

I’m the na├»ve woman who believes that someday our time will come.

I just didn’t realize that someday would include waking up in Vegas with a raging hangover and a ring on my finger.

If we believed in fate, maybe one of us would’ve trusted that something more powerful than ourselves interceded because our love is one of tangled vines. As twisted and frayed as they’ve become over the years, they’ve never broken.

An annulment seemed like the easy way out. We should’ve known it wouldn’t be fate that intervened, but our Italian Mamas. They can deliver Oscar-worthy performances when heaping on the guilt.

We thought it’d be easy to pretend to be a happily married couple in front of our families for three months and then say we gave it our best shot and go our separate ways.

But nothing is easy when it comes to Dominic Mancini and me. Nothing.



Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have "Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle" ( caught us, that's our tagline). A little about us... We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

The Kiss Plot ~ Nicole French ~ New Release

Jane and Eric de Vries.
Often enemies. Sometimes lovers.
Husband and wife. Or are we?

I wore the dress. We said the vows.
And somehow it became more than just a stunt to collect his billions.
A promise bound by love, not hate.
Until he humiliated me in front of all of New York and disappeared.

Now my errant husband has returned, and it's like I never existed.
Except when he looks at me like he wants to rip my dress from my body.
Something's holding him back. And I won't rest until I discover its cause.

See, this wild heir is about to find out: karma's a fickle mistress.
My weapons? Batting eyelashes, high heels, and that red lipstick he can't resist.
I'll break down his mask, little by little. And then I'll make him pay for what he did.
I just need to keep my heart in check while I do it.


 Amazon AU | Apple | Nook | Kobo

Eric de Vries.
Looks like millions. Worth billions.
A body like the David with a mind to match.
Unfortunately for this wayward heir, to keep his money, he needs a wife.
And of all the women in the world, he chooses me.

Too bad I've hated him for five years, since he took all my tears and tossed me away. The guy slept his way through half of New England and discarded women like hotel toiletries.
Been there. Done that.

Still...what would you do for twenty million dollars?
Would you wear the dress?
Fake a smile for the man who broke your heart?
Or would you run far, far away?

Yeah, that's what I thought.
I'll see you at the church.

Nicole French is an East Coast/West Coast hybrid creature, Springsteen fanatic, hopeless romantic, and total bookworm.

When not writing fiction or teaching writing classes, she is hanging out with her family, playing soccer with the rest of the thirty-plus crowd in Seattle, or going on dates with her husband.

In her spare time, she likes to go running with her dog, Greta, or practice the piano, but never seems to do either one of these things as much as she should.

Second Chance Series ~ Stephanie Rose ~ Cover Re Reveal

Series: Second Chances Series
Titles: Always You ~ Only You ~ After You ~ Always Us 
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: 2nd Chance Romance
Release Date: Available Now Kindle Unlimited
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Lucas was all I ever wanted, but he was the man I could never have.

All we had was friendship and my silly hope for more. 
When he left and took all of that with him, I moved on. Settled. I figured that happiness wasn't in the cards for me. Until, one night of drinks with an old "friend" gives me a hope I never expected, but don't know what to do with.
This time, I have the chance I always dreamed about—but I'm not free to take it. 
Ten years ago, Samantha was only a friend, a sweet girl I never wanted to hurt. 
Now, she's everything I want and nothing I can have.
She belongs with me, even if she's not really mine, and I can’t settle for anything less than all of her. Now that I’ve got a second chance, I'm grabbing it with both hands. 
Why did it take so long to realize that it was Always You?

I spent my life searching for love, but Evan was right there all along.
As gorgeous on the inside as he was on the outside, I never had to wonder if he loved me. He showed me with every glance, every sweet touch, every scorching kiss.
I wanted nothing more than to give him my forever—until I found out I may not have one.
Paige was the girl of my dreams.
So beautiful in every way; no one would ever compare. I feared she would never be mine, and then she became my everything. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life.
I wanted her to be my forever. But love may not be enough.
Why do I have to say good-bye to the love of my life? How can I let you go—when it’s always been only you?
After You
I had the happily ever after . . . until it was gone.

Three became two. And I was alone. 
Our time—my time—was over. Alone was the right way to be. The only way. Life was me, my son, and my memories. Until the day I met someone who turned my lonely existence upside down. 
This man made me smile, made me laugh, made me ache for his touch.
But I couldn’t. 
He shouldn’t awaken feelings I resolved to bury with my husband. But he did. 
I couldn’t let his presence make my heart race. I couldn’t let him into our little world, where he fit so perfectly. I couldn’t want Nick. 
But I did.

I rescued people.

My family relied on me to lend a hand. Everyone thought of me as the fixer, but no one had the first clue how to fix me. Until Ellie.
The freckled beauty’s sorrow was like a well-worn shirt—easy and familiar, difficult to part with—and she wore it comfortably. And though I was hers from the moment our eyes first met, she’d never be mine. I loved her in the here and now, but how did I compete with a ghost?
How can there ever be anyone After You?
After seven years of marriage, Lucas and Samantha are still crazy, head over heels in love. But happily ever after is now overrun by a teenager in a hurry to grow up, and a toddler demanding everyone’s full attention.
With their children pulling them in every direction this holiday season, life is hectic and time alone together is at a premium. Lucas and Samantha’s only Christmas wish this year is to prove they're still Always Us.