Friday, September 30, 2022

Review Round Up ~ September 30

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An Ex to Remember is a book that does its job and is a great little escape. By that, I mean it is entertaining with interesting characters and I found myself rooting for Vic and Aubrey to find their respective happy endings.

The meet cute (again) between these two is unique and the set up for the story between Vic and Aubrey is one I haven’t seen very often. I enjoyed getting to know these two and seeing things unfold. I appreciated how these two both evolved and took the effort to understand that sometimes the person is right, but the time is not.

An Ex to Remember is part of a series, but stands well on its own. The secondary cast is primarily pulled from some of the other installments of the series and play a semi impactful role here. I am curious about the other books in the TCC group!


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This is a book that’s been on my TBR for a while and well, I’m kind of thinking it should have stayed there.
Sloth is written in 3 parts and they don’t really flow together all that well.
Several parts of this story are disjointed and don’t really make sense. This is supposedly and “updated” version of the story, but it still needs editing.
I found Cleo and Kellan interesting characters, but I think they could have gotten where they were going without a good chunk of the first portion of the story.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars - Average Read

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This was a cute story and introduces a fairly large family that I’m sure will be featured in other books.
The story line for Greg, Shannon, and Ryan was interesting and unique.
The thing that caught me up and I found distracting were some of the cultural references that really dated the book. Things like the cars they drove and the beginning use of cell phones.
It shouldn’t have detracted from the emotive evolutions that took place, but it did. Maybe that’s just me…. As much as I am curious about the other Hawkins family members, I’m not sure I want to risk the same distraction.

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