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Review Round Up ~ February 14

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When I think of WW II, I tend to think of DDay and the organized forces that stormed the beaches. The Invisible Woman gives us a glimpse of what needed to happen to keep the resistance going and support the invasion of France from behind the scenes.

In this historical fiction piece, Ms Robuck does an excellent job of pulling us into the world of Virginia/Diane as she returns to France of the eve of D-Day. The emotions of the days and weeks radiated so that as a reader we felt the fear and peril that Virginia/Diane and her collaborators were experincing.

I appreciated getting to "walk" in the shoes of this remarkable woman who has gone unrecognized in the general lexicon of WW II. I left The Invisible Woman wanting to know more about people like Virginia and the French Resistance.


The Vineyard at Painted MoonThe Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

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In The Vineyard at Painted Moon, Ms Mallery introduces us to three women all at a cross roads in life, even if they don't know it at the time. Mackenzie, Stephanie, and Barbara all seem semi content when we first meet them, but change is inevitable. The questions they face is "are the changes for the better?"

On the surface, Mackenzie's change appears to be the biggest. As the status of her marriage changes, she has to deal with the implications of being the one who married into the family business and with the fact that not everyone/thing is how it appeared for so many years. I found myself relating to Mackenzie and rooting for her. I was impressed by the insight she had into her own emotions and how she was open to acknowledging hurt feelings even as she had no regrets about the changes taking place.

Stephanie was a harder character to like at first. While she was an adult and mother, she lacked a certain emotional maturity early on. Her evolution was a bit hard to watch, mainly because it was the type of experience that would be hard to go through and Ms Mallery did an excellent job of conveying those feelings.

Now Barbara..... There was almost no question regarding her role in things from the beginning and she stayed true to form from the start. Her character is a great example of the saying "you get what you give."

Ms Mallery pulls the reader into the experience of these three women and the family/friends that surround them. I appreciated the messages of strength and love that are woven through the story. There are also great messages about how sometimes we undervalue ourselves because we are comfortable in a situation or take the path of least resistence. But, my biggest take away was that our actions speak louder than words and when you show people who you are, they will beleive you.

This was another heartfelt read from Ms. Mallery. As always, I am curious to see what she comes up with next!


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View all my reviews Wicked in Winter (Lost Harbor, Alaska, #4)Wicked in Winter by Jennifer Bernard

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I’ve had Lost Harbor books on my kindle for a while, I wish I had started on this series before!
Gretel and Zander are bother entertaining characters that were fun to get to know. The supporting cast was interesting, but didn’t overwhelm the main characters.

The story surrounding Gretel and Zander is sweet and shows just how well matched these two are once they get past their initial conflict.

I am very curious to read the other stories in the series.

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