Thursday, September 16, 2021

Learning at 40 by L.B. Dunbar ~ New Release & Review

Welcome back to Lakeside Cottage!

A grumpy, newly divorced, single father meets a ray of sunshine in this small town, second-chance romance.

RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2021.


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She didn’t want a one-night stand. He couldn’t promise more than a ten-day fling. Sometimes compromise is all you need.

Zack Weller is timely, orderly, and meticulous. Too bad his seven-year-old, twin sons are hellions. With his divorce final, a two-week vacation beckons him to his best friend’s cottage. Unfortunately, he can’t help the magnetic pull of memories from the house next door—the one that was once his childhood home—or fight the force of nature in the naked woman sunbathing in that backyard.

River Nagle is a free spirit. She understands the trials and tribulations some people face and offers the compassion to deal with them head on. When she inherits a lakeside home, she takes the blessing for what it’s worth: a gift and a new beginning. Until one day two little boys make themselves at home in the tree fort in her backyard and she meets their hot, growly dad who steals her wine, her time, and her heart.

Newly divorced, single father grump meets a ray of sunshine, next-door neighbor in this small town, second chance romance where learning to love over 40 works with the right teacher.


What to Expect from Learning at 40


- Grumpy single dad

- Rambunctious twins

- Ray of sunshine, next-door neighbor

- Over 40 romance

- Second chance at love

- Lakeside shenanigans

Elizabeth's Review

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

L B Dunbar has established herself as a leading author in romantic stories focusing on couples who are “older” and facing real life issues. The Lakeside Cottage series, and Learning at 40, is an example of why.

In Living at 40 (book 1) we were introduced to the “Four Points” and saw what made their friendship so special while also seeing Logan find love. This time, the focus is on Zach as he returns to Lakeside for the second annual gathering.

Normally, I’d want to tell you how I grew to really like a character, but I never really got there with Zach. I appreciated his growth and evolution, especially in terms of trying to be a better parent, but I struggled to fully connect with him. He was paired with River and while I did like her, I found myself having some of the same struggles with connection.

How is this a 3.5 star read if I didn’t really connect with the characters? It was the story. We come to these characters when they are at crossroads, even if they don’t fully know it. River helps shine a light on things that Zach was struggling to see and he helped open her heart back up to possibilities.

Zach and Rivers story is fairly self contained, but it very much continues the story told in Living at 40, so I would suggest reading the series in order. This installment continues to build the back story for the secondary characters, so I am curious about what will happen next in the series.

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