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Pierce Her ~ Kelly Finley ~ New Release & Review

Pierce Her by Kelly Finley is now live!

Falling in love could be the biggest—and best—mistake of her life...
Former Marine Charlie Ravenel devotes her life to protecting women. A job that's left its mark on her—body and soul. When she's not working, she's safe hiding in the shadows. Alone. But when a young celebrity finds herself tormented by a dangerous stalker, Charlie vows to keep her safe. 
One problem. She'll just have to avoid her client's sexy co-star—the alluring one who seems so intent on breaking down Charlie's defenses...
No one really knows Daniel Pierce. They think they do. Millions want him. But no one knows what's beneath his heroic veneer. He doesn't let them. Until her. 
Charlie, with her arousing smile and razor blade tongue, attracts him like no other. He'd do anything to ease her pain, to make her his. How can he lure her into giving him a chance?
If Charlie has any hope of overcoming the demons of her past in time to save the girl, she'll have to trust her gut...and Daniel. But what if trust is a luxury she just can't afford?
PIERCE HER, book 1 in the COME FOR ME series, is a steamy, hot, romantic suspense read featuring a strong, kickass heroine who just happens to fall for Hollywood's sexiest man alive. 

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Meet Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley writes sexy, badass women we all love. A Southern gal whose wanderlust took her many places until it called her home, she scored a few degrees and many years of teaching along the way. She's an expert on powerful, shameless she decided to finally write them into fiction too.
When she isn't smiling over her laptop writing the next sex scene or fight sequence, she's driving her happy husband and grown kids crazy with the next story in her head. Friends in crazy jobs help her scheme life on set, at a crime scene or in the boxing ring. For fun, she tells naughty jokes, is a bad influence and great friend. Trouble may brew over what she writes, but that's okay--she's been a rebel too long to care.

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Elizabeth's Review

3.25 stars - Above Average Read

Review Copy Provided by Author

Ms Finley is a new to me author. I picked up this advanced copy because of the romantic suspense element. Overall, I enjoyed Pierce Her, but I didn’t love it.

The good stuff:
Charlie - she is an awesome, take no prisoners leading lady. She strong, she’s been through a lot and she doesn’t let those things keep her down.

Who is the bad guy - Ms Finley does an excellent job of teasing this out so that it really is a surprise at the end.

The okay, but not great:
The balance between the suspense story and the romance story line. It felt as if the suspense story line was taking a back seat.

Daniel - To keep this spoiler free, I won’t go into full details. But, I will say that as much as I liked Daniel and how he cared for Charlie, he committed what I consider to be a relationship cardinal sin…. You have to read to see if you agree.

This is supposedly book 1, but it felt like there was a lot of backstory that we were supposed to know, but don’t. Is Charlie a secondary character from another book or series? I don’t know!

The personal preference, could go either way stuff:
Holy details Batman! There were several Charlie/Daniel scenes that were repetitive. We really just didn’t need to see basically the same thing three times. In addition, Some of the romantic scenes felt over detailed and as if a thesaurus had been thrown at them. This caused me to start skimming and lose focus on where the story was going.

The ending….. I’m not going to elaborate, but I will say that there are a lot of loose ends and it left me feeling unsatisfied. Yes, there is a book 2 that appears to pick up where this leaves off, but…..

Like I said, I received this as an advanced copy. I hope that maybe the version I received wasn’t final and there has been some additional editing to streamline things a bit. Pierce Her is an interesting read, but it didn’t quite ring the bell for me. I am a bit curious about the next book in the Come for Me series.

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