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Review Round Up ~ May 23

New(er) Releases:

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This is the conclusion to the Dunn brothers stories. This time the focus is Issac, the brother who appeared in a secondary role in the first book. He is paired with Meghan, sister to his agent, Kendall.

This is a cute story were a “fake” relationship has real consequences. I liked Meghan and Issac, even if I didn’t connect with them super well. The character development for both was interesting, but a bit surface level.

Issac had a decent development arc, but again, I felt like the easiest route was taken. Early in the story there was a big deal made about producers expectations, but those issues were not really addressed as the conflict resolved itself.

Overall, this was an entertaining book that did its job, but I wanted a little bit more of just about everything.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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In A Daring Pursuit, we rejoin the Montgomery and Davies families as they navigate the world in the resolving feud. This time we get to spend time with the fiery Carys and controlled Tristan.

I loved these two together! They were interesting characters on their own and even better together. The history between these two created excellent chemistry and it was truly fun to see it explored.

Not only were the characters here interesting, but the plot around them was truly fun too. We see glimpses of Napoleonic era English society and the double standard women dealt with. Seeing how Carys (and Tristan) flaunted and functioned with these challenges made me like them more.

A smallish secondary cast added elements and entertainment as well. Now that two of the Davies siblings have found their Montgomery match, I am curious to see what may happen next for these two families.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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This is a sweet introduction to the town of Cemetery,IN. The principal character for this introduction is Yardley, but she has a fantastic secondary cast surrounding her.

The Honeymoon Cottage is more of a women’s fiction read vs a pure romance, so there is definitely a more gentle feel than some of Ms Foster’s other works.

I genuinely liked Yardley and most of the cast around her. There were great friendships, both new and established, a new love, and a puppy!! Both Yardley and her friend Mimi captured the essence of the way many women (and I’m sure some men) feel in their daily lives. Seeing them through their own eyes, but as well as the people around them, gave me a deeper appreciation for their journeys.

Well written and touching, the Honeymoon Cottage is a must read and has me curious about where this series will go next.

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