Friday, June 10, 2022

It Started With A Kiss ~ S L Scott ~ New Release & Review


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It Started with a Kiss by S.L. Scott is LIVE!
That kiss just changed everything.
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It started with a kiss.
Admittedly, it was a moment of weakness on my part. But even the strong-willed have been known to fall for a hard body underneath a tailored suit and a five o’clock shadow coating a sharp jawline.
It didn’t matter that Jackson St. James was nothing but trouble. Trouble was just my type.
Been there.
Done him.
Not making that mistake again.
We were friends, a low-key affair we designed ourselves—over before we began. After all, together we made no sense.
Jackson is into sports. I prefer the arts.
He gulps beer. I sip champagne.
While I might not be described as humble, his arrogance is through the roof.
But when he asks if we can talk, my traitorous Louboutins come to a full stop. Although I’ve seen enough movies to know how these conversations go, maybe, just maybe, he’ll surprise me.
He has before . . .
We may have started with a kiss, but how will we end?

It Started with a KissIt Started with a Kiss by S.L. Scott

4.25 stars for a swoony, feel good read!

Review Copy Provided by Author
It Started with a Kiss is a standalone read based on characters that we have seen previously in secondary roles. If you are a loyal reader of Ms Scott, you will recognize the names Marlow and Jackson, but not know them terribly well. If you are a new reader, don’t worry!

I have to admit to bringing preconceived notions to this story, especially about Marlow. I appreciated how Ms Scott took Marlow on an journey that while driven by physical circumstances included an emotional evolution too. Jackson’s evolution wasn’t as extreme, it was definitely more of a normal maturation that you would expect of someone approaching 30.

One of the things I appreciated most about It Started With a Kiss is that the plot driven story avoided the easiest path to conflict. The issues Marlow and Jackson found themselves dealing with were real life oriented- making the reactions/interactions both believable and touching.

The secondary cast here is small, but there are lots of cameos from former leading couples. These little glimpses into where couples are now is exciting and adds a little extra to a well written adventure.

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