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Review Round Up ~ December 1

New(er) Releases and Coming Soon:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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In The Leaves of Autumn, Ms Pike returns us to the Lyon family of Montana with oldest sibling. Aragon.
He is a widower with a college age son and facing a bit of a cross road. We meet him just as he begins to see his friend Barbara as potential for more.

I truly enjoyed getting to know these two. They have a solid friendship and it is clear that it is something that brings them both joy. I respected the priority both characters put in the friendship even when it meant potentially denying something greater. Both Aragon and Barbara are people that I think would be fun to know in real life.

The story arc here is at times humorous and touching. The large-ish cast of secondary characters plays a key part in both aspects of the story. While each story in this series is a stand alone, they are sequential and very much interconnected. I believe the reader would get the most enjoyment by starting the series at the beginning and seeing the Lyon family evolve.


Down in Flames (Hot in Chicago Rookies #2)Down in Flames by Kate Meader (Releases December 6!) 

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author

Down in Flames is a bit of a cross over book for Ms Meader as it merges her hockey world with that of her firefighters. This also features a same sex couple.

The main characters here face challenges. Some is from past history and some is from the social stigma of being a gay athlete. I found myself rooting for Jude and Hudson to figure things out and find their ways to individual peace/happiness. That they were able to also find a solid romantic relationship was a plus.

Ms Meader touches on a lot of hard topics here. There are mental health issues, social stigmas, corporate pressures, and the idea of being able to forgive yourself all addressed. It’s a lot to have in one book, but it’s down well.

I enjoyed getting to know both the firefighters and hockey players a little better and am looking forward to stories from both!



WOLF (Stope Packs #1)WOLF by Rebecca Zanetti

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

This is a book that I picked up for free. Ms Zanetti is an author I’ve consistently heard a lot about and given the Halloween season, a paranormal read sounded just the thing.

This was an entertaining read and I enjoyed meeting Mia and Seth. They are both unique and layered personalities that spark with chemistry almost immediately.

The mystery and intrigue elements of the story kept me guessing from the beginning. I thought I had things figured out several times, but oh boy, was I wrong!

While this is a complete story and stands alone, at the end of the story, we know there will be more. I am curious to see what happens next in Alpha.


Unlikely in Love (A Parker Lake Novel, #1)Unlikely in Love by Ashlie Knapp

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Purchased for free

This was an entertaining, sweet read that has me curious about the rest of Parker.
I enjoyed meeting Annabelle and Wyatt and the way they helped each other evolve.
I am curious about Annabelle's friends and how their lives/romances may evolve. 

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