Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Review Round Up ~ February 1

New(er) Releases:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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Ms Rose has done it again! She delivered an emotional and entertaining second chance story full of characters that you can’t help but like and root for!

Kristina is a secondary character that we’ve met before and it was nice to see her on the other side of the upheaval she had going on. I loved her initial interactions with Leo and the organic way a vacation connection turned toward more.

The emotional journeys of both characters (Kristina and Leo) were treated with respect and honesty. I appreciated how their respective pasts played a part in their story, but they both seemed to learn from previous mistakes. Add in a terrific secondary cast and this was a standalone read I couldn’t put down.


Breaking All the RulesBreaking All the Rules by Amy Andrews

3.25 stars - Slightly Above Average

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I enjoyed Breaking All The Rules and I even found myself relating to Bea, the female lead, to some extent, but this was a book that I just couldn’t quiet love.

We meet Bea when she moves to Credence at a cross roads. Her first interactions with Austin are truly funny. I appreciated how he was willing to meet her where she was and how their friendship turned into more slowly.

Both Bea and Austin are likeable characters, but I was a bit bothered by how she never opened up for him about who she really was. This made the emotional announcements on both there parts feel like a stretch for me.

Overall this was an entertaining book and I enjoyed meeting these characters and the town of Credence, but I would have liked a bit more in terms of Bea’s emotional growth.

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