Friday, February 10, 2023

Review Round Up ~ February 10

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In Promise Me Always, we return to Redemption Hills with two characters that have been in the background of the Lawson brother’s adventures. Those that have followed the series will know Tessa fairly well, but Milo has been there too.

As with other books in the series, Ms Jackson pulls us in as the story unfolds. Milo is what I consider a typical Jackson hero in the he’s a bit tortured, but he’s a better guy than he thinks he is. It was heart tugging to watch him interact with his children and I loved watching Milo and Tessa find out that friendship can be so much more.

With a strong message of healing and redemption and a nice dose of intrigue this was a great way to wrap (?) up the Redemption Hills series.


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3.5 Stars for a cute, fun “not quiet enemies” to lovers story.
I liked Max and Charlie and truly enjoyed getting to know the characters behind the facades they initially portrayed. It was fun to watch them butt heads and eventually figure out what they needed.
Well written and entertaining this is a good start to a new series from the reliable Ms Meader. The cast, both primary and secondary, is well rounded and funny. I am looking forward to seeing more of them in future books.
One thing that I was very impressed by was Ms Meader’s ability to world build and introduce us to future players without taking away from Max and Charlie. Definitely a fun read!


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