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Review Round Up ~ September 12

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I haven’t read a Jessica Lemon book in a while and Once Upon a Billionaire has reminded me of what I have been missing!

Vivian and Nate are both entertaining and interesting characters. I enjoyed the “flip the script” element here where Nate had his baggage a bit more figured out and resolved than Vivian did. That piece of the puzzle led to refreshing plot elements later in the story.

There were several touching and important messages layered into this story of an evolving relationship. These made the characters that much more relatable and made me root for them to find a way to happily ever after.

As this is the first book in a new series, I also appreciated the balance between Vivian & Nate’s story and the world building that went on with the secondary characters. I am very curious to see where the other Owens brothers end up. Hopefully we will see glimpses of Vivian and Nate too! 


TBR Reads:

Endurance (Harris Brothers, #2)Endurance by Amy Daws

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

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Endurance is a connected Stand alone in the Harris Brothers series. Tanner and Belle (our main characters) met each other in Challenge and are the twin brother/best friend of the characters there.

After reading Challenge, I was not surprised to see these two end up together, the only question was how that would happen. Ms Daws creates an interesting dynamic that forces Tanner and Belle into closer proximity and lets the rest play out.

While I enjoyed reading Endurance and seeing the enemies to lovers idea play out, there were things I struggled with a bit. I would have liked to seen Belle actually deal with her parents vs pushing those issues to the side. A slightly deeper dive into why Tanner behaves the way he did would have been worthwhile as well. There were a lot of emotional issues to deal with here and while they were touched on, they were mainly skimmed.

Endurance is a book that can be read on its own, but there are many references to things that a reader can only really understand if the series is read in order. 

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