Sunday, October 10, 2021

Review Round Up ~ October 10

New Release:

A Reckless Match (Ruthless Rivals, #1)A Reckless Match by Kate Bateman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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Oh this was fun!
Featuring rival families, a Recklass Match introduces us to a new series and new set of characters starting with Maddie and Gryff.

I truly enjoyed this spin on the historical romance. Maddie is shown to be a strong personality, but that is supported by the family and people around her. Both Maddie and Gryff were characters that were easy to like and easy to root for - especially as the reader can start to guess about what might be brewing before they do.

The action/intrigue element to story was unique and I appreciated how it brought some of the emotional elements to the forefront.

For the most part, Reckless Match did a very balanced job of world building for the Montgomery/Davies families while also telling Maddie and Gryff’s tale. There is one blip that seems a bit out of place, but it may have been needed for future works. I have to confess to be very curious as to who the next book will be about!

Hold on to My Heart (Maine Sullivans / The Sullivans Book 22)Hold on to My Heart by Bella Andre

3.5 stars ~ Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Author 

The Sullivans of Maine are big believers in instant attraction and Ashley is no exception.
It was pure fun to see this single mom branch out and learn to embrace her bolder side on a weekend getaway where she just happened to meet a rock star, Nash.
The story that follows is sweet and a little spicy as we see both characters battle their fears to see if a happy ending is possible.
Much like the other Sullivan books, this is definitely a feel good read and I am curious to see what might happen to the remaining “boys” of the Maine Sullivan family.

The Christmas Wedding Guest (Wishing Tree, #1)The Christmas Wedding Guest by Susan Mallery

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

If you are looking for a feel good, holiday read then The Christmas Wedding guest is a definite keeper!

I loved getting to know Dena and Reggie. These two sisters have their acts together and I appreciated how even though they both hoped for romantic relationships, they saw their value as individuals and embraced that. I think the message of two early 30’s women achieving career success and going after other hopes and dreams is one that many people need to see/hear.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Susan Mallery read without some romance, so we have Micah and Toby enter the picture as well. I liked that while both men came to the story with baggage, the steadfast of the sisters brought them out of their shells and back to the idea of relationships.

The Town of Wishing Tree is almost like a character in itself. I am curious to see if some of the other towns people will be featured in books of their own - I sure hope so!

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