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Review Round Up ~ April 1

New(er) Releases:

Kiwi Gold (New Zealand Ever After, #4)
Kiwi Gold by Rosalind James

4.5 stars - One of the Best

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Rosalind James breaks the mold again with Kiwi Gold. Each of the New Zealand Ever After books (all loosely related to each other) tackle something with grace, humor, and love. These are not formula based romance stories and this one probably crossed closer to women’s fiction a la more recent Susan Mallery reads.

Laila and Lachlan are both brand new characters, but they are connected with characters we’ve met before, so the meet cute is just that. These are both characters that I enjoyed getting to know. They each had depths that they didn’t expect to find in themselves (or each other).

There are a couple of different things going on in Kiwi Gold that initially seem unrelated and I was intrigued by the story craft used to bring them together. I also found the underlying messages in the story to be powerful. We saw messages of strength, of knowing your own worth, of grief, and love woven into the adventures Lachlan, Laila, and the supporting cast took. Add in a couple of scene stealers and we have another winning stand alone tale.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars  - Would Recommend to a Friend

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I think this might be my favorite Kittredge Ranch book!
We’ve seen sheriff Zach as a secondary character in previous books, but here we get to know him better and understand more about his backstory. He is paired with traveling nurse, Janie, who is in Cold River for more than work.

I enjoyed the slow burn of watching these two get to know each other. The push/pull was entertaining and the fun really started when the pot of tension finally boiled over. The best part of this couple was not only did they have chemistry, they also challenged each other’s preconceived notions. Zach and Janie both had pretty significant character evolutions, but they felt organic and natural to who they are.

As with all books in the series, there is a significant secondary cast. Having read other books set in Cold River (and not just this series) would be helpful, but not necessary. Ms Crews does a good job of sharing enough information to feel like you know the players involved. Loyal readers will appreciate getting to see previous main characters pop in for updates and a long running mystery *may* be solved…..
I am hopeful that this is not our last visit to Cold River!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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Breaking the Speed Limit brings us back to Reynolds Restoration with Stefano - who we met in Revved to the Max. This is similar to Revved to the Max in that Stefano very much fits the Alpha male with a gooey center mold and it was fun to see him find his other half.

I genuinely liked Gabby (and Theo) for Stefano and appreciated how their instant attraction played out to be more. Gabby comes to the table with baggage that we don't fully understand early on, but the details are slowly revealed so that we understand more about where she's coming from.

This was a truly entertaining couple and I enjoyed seeing how things played out for them and the way Stefano's community (both at Reynold's Restoration and his family) rallied around Gabby when needed.

Fans of Revved to the Max will be happy to see where Maxx and Charly are now as this is a sequential read in the timeline. If you are new to the series, don't worry, you can jump in here without any issue. This was also a great opportunity to get to know other memebers to the Reynold's Restoration team better and I am looking forward to those stories.


TBR Reads:   

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

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Yes, I have been visiting Ms Harlow's back list and I am so glad I did.
I enjoyed getting to meet Mia and Lucas in Frenched, but felt a little let down at the happy for now ending.... especially since I've seen them as secondary characters in later books and know that they end up together.

Yanked was a great little novella that bridges the gap from where Frenched left off to what we know will happen later (if you aren't behind in Ms Harlow's back list like me!) I appreciated that the difficulties of a long distance relationship were realistically portrayed and that the solution to the problem was organic, even if getting there was a bit rocky!

I am definitely curious about the other 2 books in the Frenched series!

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