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Letting Go ~ B.A. Wolfe ~ NEW RELEASE and REVIEW

Title: Letting Go (Keaton #1.5) 
Author: B.A. Wolfe 
Genre: New Adult Release Date: 
September 28th, 2015 
Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Cover 


Jason Bradley is a simple, country guy thrust into a life most wouldn't consider normal. He’s dealt with his share of heartbreak and pain, and now he keeps his secrets close to his heart to avoid getting hurt again. Living the only way he knows how. Until Cassandra Pierce crashes into his world. After a life-changing moment he never anticipated, he realizes that loving her is only the beginning. A whirlwind of days… Beautiful moments… Then it all comes tumbling down, and Jason learns that the hardest part of living…of loving…is letting go. This is Jason's story. **Letting Go is a Full Length Companion Novel to the Keaton Series and is told in Jason's (Jase) POV **


She moaned loudly, her hands splaying across my shoulders. "You make me so happy. I hope you know that. Thank you for giving yourself to me." "Thank you for letting me, for wanting me." No one had ever wanted me like she did. She held my cheeks and searched my face. "I'll never not want you, Jase. That's impossible." I knew exactly how she felt. Without another word, she sat up and playfully pushed my chest, wanting me back on the pillow. So I went with it and fell back as she climbed over me, a leg on either side. "So . . ." Her fingers coiled around the hem of my shirt, my heart thumping rapidly. "Do you remember when you said that I was yours?" I grinned. "I remember." A sexy smirk splashed across her face. "I might be yours, but do you know what else that means?" I folded an arm behind my head, while my other hand caressed her bare leg. "No, sweetheart. What does it mean?" Her body inched lower until our chests were touching and our heartbeats matched. Placing her mouth directly over mine, she whispered, "Mine, Jase. You're all mine, cowboy." I palmed the back of her head and growled, crashing my lips to hers, taking every ounce of Cassie I could. I was hers and she was mine and there was nothing that would ever change that. Even if tragedy ever struck down the road, I’d always still be a chapter in her life. One she’d never forget. No one could ever take that away from either of us. 

Elizabeth's Review

4 stars – Would recommend to a friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

I finished Letting Go earlier today and had to walk away and think about things a little bit before I could sit down and write about it. I have to confess to having a little bit of a love/hate relationship with this book… Letting Go is a companion to Away and tells Cassie and Jase’s story from his point of view. Away, especially the second half was an emotional read so I thought I was prepared for this book to be equally as emotional, but Ms. Wolfe managed to surprise me. Where the emotional impact of Away started later in the story, we are hit with it almost immediately this time because we learn Jase’s secret at the same time he does. My respect for Jase went up watching him deal with the situation, but I struggled with the way his mother handled things. I also found myself liking his brother, Dan, even though we don’t see him much after the first part of the story. I was thrilled with how Ms. Wolfe handled the telling of Cassie and Jase’s relationship in this book. She hit the things that really mattered and gave us a glimpse into what Jase was thinking, but managed to avoid a strict repeat of the story in Away. Even with knowing what was going to happen, I was not prepared for the wallop at the end of Letting Go – I can’t say much else without giving things away, but I will suggest a full box of Kleenex if you have even the smallest inclination to cry at books. (This is where the “hate” part of the reader/book relationship comes in. As much as I enjoyed this book, when I reread it, I probably will stop before the end.) This story hit home for me in a couple of different ways and I continue to be awed by the skill Ms. Wolfe uses while handling incredibly complex emotions. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this story from both Cassie and Jase’s points of view and am looking forward to reading Stay soon.



 About The Author- 

 B.A. Wolfe is a girl with a passion for reading and writing, and lives in the good old state of Colorado with her husband (her biggest cheerleader), and her two crazy min pin fur babies. These days, her life is anything but calm, and there isn't one thing she'd want to change. B.A. spends all her free time either furiously typing stories on her laptop or happily reading through her endless TBR on her Kindle. Her list of favorites would be long enough to fill a book, but most would likely fall under the romance category. She is a sucker for a good love story that makes her cry, and an amazing book boyfriend who will melt her heart.

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