Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Review Round Up ~ December 9

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A Merry Vested WeddingA Merry Vested Wedding by Melanie Moreland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

After getting to know the "Boys" of BAM and seeing them find their happy endings, there was an element of curiosity about what their lives would be like down the road. In a Merry Vested Wedding, Ms Moreland helps satisfy that curiosity while also introducing us to her next series.

In this fun, sweet read we see two of the oldest BAM "kids," Brayden and Addison get married in an event that fits this group perfectly. This is a short novella le!ngth read, but it captures the spirit of Bray and Addie's relationship and gives us a chance to meet the rest of the second generation.

There are teasers in the story about the upcoming series focusing on this second generation and the business they run with the BAM empire. I am looking forward to seeing where this next series takes us! 


 You Had Me at Hockey (Bears Hockey, #2)You Had Me at Hockey by Kelly Jamieson

3.5 stars - Worth a Reader's Time

Review Copy Provided by Publisher via Net Galley

You Had Me at Hockey is the 2nd book about the NY Bears. It is a standalone book with strong tie ins to book 1 (Must Love Dogs and Hockey.

This book centers in Josh and Sara. For the most part, I liked both of these characters. Josh is a little uptight and Sara is very much a free spirit, but they seem to balance each other well. I enjoyed getting to know both characters and seeing them evolve.

My one complaint is that the story between Josh and Sara seemed to stall a little bit. The idea of both of them being busy, traveling, missing each other, etc was important to establish, but there were places where it felt repeated a little too much.

Overall, this is an entertaining read that also touches on a couple of important issues. I was glad to see Josh resolved his conflict with Easton (from book 1) and I’m curious if we will see more of these characters in future Bear books. 

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