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Up in Smoke by Kate Meader ~ New Release and Review


UP IN SMOKE by Kate Meader is LIVE!


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Lives are on the line at Engine 6 … and so are hearts.

Newly-minted firefighter Abby Sullivan is exactly where she wants to be: Chicago Fire Department’s Engine 6, the station where her mom blazed a trail as one of the first female firefighters in the city. The first to fall in the line of duty, too. All Abby wants is to succeed, but that’s a tough proposition when people only see a feel-good story, a token woman failing at a man’s job, or the princess in need of protection. And the man tasked with watching her six?

Lieutenant Roman Rossi, the one person she can’t let close.

Having the daughter of his boss and nemesis under his wing shouldn’t be a problem for Roman—he’s a professional and can treat her like any other firefighter rookie. Except she happens to be the gorgeous woman he once shared a slice of cherry pie with, followed by the hottest, sweetest, most pulse-pounding kiss of his life. He didn’t know her name but he had planned to find out.

Now Roman knows exactly who Abby is: a threat to his self-control more dangerous than a five-alarm blaze. Lust has no place in the firehouse, and a distraction like Abby with her electric blue eyes, waves of flame-red hair, and freckles Roman wants to map with his tongue, is one he can ill afford.

Because one wrong move … and it could all go up in smoke.

Up in Smoke is the first in the brand new Hot in Chicago Rookies series about firefighters navigating the trials of new jobs and sizzling romances as they find their place in the world and the love of a lifetime.

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Elizabeth's Reivew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars - Would Recommend to a Friend

Review Copy Provided by Author

With Up in Smoke, Kate Meader brings us back to Engine 6 of the Chicago Fire Department. With this book we not only get to see some of the much loved Dempsey family (of the Hot in Chicago series) we also get to meet 3 brand new fire fighters (Abby, Jude, and Sam). Abby is the headliner for this adventure.

Abby is a character I liked. She fought for what she wanted and followed a path that is still not exactly even for women. She did this understanding that sacrifices might have to be made, she didn’t expect that might mean leaving her heart beside a pie plate after finding out that her best “date” ever is now her new boss, Roman. Roman fits the Hot in Chicago hero mold to a “t”- he’s a great dad, brother, and fire fighter.

The storytelling here is excellent. Not only does the sexual tension between Abby and Roman radiate off the page, but the friendship and connection do as well. I appreciated that Ms Meader let’s us see both Abby and Roman face their insecurities on the road to a potential happy ending. Add in a great secondary cast of friends, family, and the famous Dempseys and this book cements this as a series I want to spend more time with.

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